Fortnite: Battle Royale – The Devourer Of Worlds Live Event Guide

Galactus is upon us. The Chapter 2, Season 4 live event is a mere week or two away, and we know very little about the event. However, we do have some details about how the fourteenth season of Fortnite is gonna end. We have rumors that it will be the biggest Fortnite event of all time, which definitely raises the stakes.


There have been no official updates as of November 20, 2020. We have been spying on Galactus coming closer to the island every day, but recently, he has vanished and probably fell into the water. I presume the actual event will begin with the mad villain rising from the ocean.

The Story

Thor arrived in the Fortnite universe to warn the inhabitants (Us) about Galactus, bringing in other heroes like Captain America, Iron Man, Groot and Wolverine, as well as locations like the Helicarrier to defend the island from the vile villain. Tony Stark went to work, and began experimenting with astrophysics in order to protect us from Galactus if anything went wrong. Stark also brought in locations from Earth 616, like a bit of Wakanda, the Collector’s Collection and most importantly, Stark Industries. Over at Stark Industries, Stark began modifying the Battle Bus, whilst keeping a close eye on Galactus. Galactus eventually came and destroyed the Helicarrier, but Iron Man and his advanced Battle Buses managed to blow Galactus up. This caused the Zero Point to be exposed, and it’s up to John Jones to fix the Loop.

Time, Date And Location

The date in the lobby claims that it’s on November 30 or December 1, however, that’s when the new season releases. So it’s a little odd.


Here’s a video of the live event in case you missed it:


    1. You think so? I thought it was one of Fortnite’s best events, but I do agree that expections were through the roof, so anything that delivered less had a fair reasoning for being ridiculed.


    1. In terms of the Battle Pass, Tony Stark without a doubt. Possibly my favorite Battle Pass outfit yet.
      As for anything else, I thought there were a few standouts. All the Marvel outfits were great, Fortnitemares and Thanksgiving had some okay offerings, and I really liked the Origins set. But other than that, it wasn’t the best season for outfits.


      1. Mincemeat was easily my favorite. I loved his creepy design, and it reminded me of creepypasta legends and FNAF. Felt like a good old Fortnite skin.


      2. I really liked Tony Stark and Thor, and Mincemeat was okay, I guess. I did like the street rider set though!


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