Fortnite: Save The World – Holly Jolly Ransom Walkthrough

Holly Jolly Ransom is one of the various questlines in Fortnite: Save The World, and follows the crew at Homebase trying to piece together Crackshot’s “kidnapping”. He, in reality, wants the best Christmas ever, and he has some, er, interesting ways of doing so.


Ray receives a mysterious call from kidnappers, saying that they’ve taken Crackshot hostage. Homebase then goes around trying to find ransom notes, when Crackshot reveals that he is not being taken hostage and instead claims that he’s creating a list of demands to make everyone’s Christmas “merry and bright”. He then uses Homebase robot Lok as a hostage, to Lok’s confusion. Crackshot then sets up a new plot: To bomb Homebase if they don’t conform to his demands. His first demand is for us to get rid of holiday husks. His second is for us to find the perfect toy for the holiday season. His third is for us to bring Santa’s head, but Ray and the others instead recreate Crackshot’s head with paper mache for him to see how much of a monster he’s become. Crackshot loves it, though, and Ray and the rest of homebase decide to spread Christmas cheer. So they begin my decorating trees whilst discussing why Crackshot was always an outcast at Homebase. Meanwhile, Crackshot has a change of heart thanks to Lok and calls off the bomb/hostage plot. He decided to grow his heart by five sizes using unsafe energy drinks, which lands him in the hospital. Crackshot is now dependant on Homebase to blast holiday music and create the best Christmas experience ever!


Holly Jolly Ransom

Holly Jolly Ransom is the first quest, and has you look for ransom notes across the winter fields. After collecting all 7 notes, you’ll have to get rid of 5 merry encampments.

Holiday Fear

Holiday Fear is the second quest, and has you go out to eliminate 10 Santa or Mrs. Claus-themed Husky Husks/Lobbers, who are making a mockery of the holiday season. I don’t have a video for this one, because it’s pretty straight-forward.

The Holiday’s Hottest Toy

The Holiday’s Hottest Toy is the third quest, and has you go about to find 6 presents for Crackshot to see which one he likes most. The video down below also includes the location of Crackshot’s key, which is a bonus quest.

Bring Me Santa’s Head

Bring Me Santa’s Head is the fourth quest, and has you go about to find 15 stacks of newspaper. Why? Well, Crackshot demands Santa’s head. Ray and Homebase have other plans, and are planning to make a Santa head with paper mache as a replacement. The video down below also includes the location of where to insert Crackshot’s key, which was found in the last video.

Stockings Must Hang

Bring Me Santa’s Head is the fifth quest, and has you go about to decorate plain Christmas trees to spread some good holiday cheer. These trees are mostly indoor ones that households and families have during the holiday season, so they’re found in houses and residential locations.

His Heart Grew Five Sizes

His Heart Grew Five Sizes is the sixth quest in the questline. After learning the good of Christmas from Lok, Crackshot calls off the bomb hostage plot, and wants to grow his heart by five sizes to represent his change. This requires us to go around and find vending machines or retail areas selling unsafe energy drinks.

A Hopeful Song

A Hopeful Song is the seventh and final quest, and has us deploy cheerful music across the lands to create a great Christmas experience! This is also the quest where you unlock the Crackshot hero, who is a soldier!


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