Lego Marvel Super Heroes – Times Square Off Walkthrough

Times Square Off is the second storyline mission in Lego Marvel Super Heroes, and continues the story of the Marvel heroes preparing to go against Galactus. The mission follows Captain America and Mr. Fantastic taking back the Baxter Building and Time Square from Doctor Octopus, with Spider-Man’s help. Credit to IGN for some of the screenshots.


Doctor Octopus, a villain, is studying the cosmic bricks, which means it’s up to Captain America and Mr. Fantastic to stop him! After a chase through the rooftops of New York, the team arrive and meet up with Spider-Man at Times Square to defeat him once and for all.


After starting the level, you’ll come to see that the lab inside the Baxter Building is on fire, with Doctor Octopus’ minions, Octobots, attacking you. After defeating the first wave of bots, more will break through, allowing you to build a Fantastic 4 Pad. This pad can be used by Mr. Fantastic to make him stretch into a screwdriver, which will remove the bars in front of Captain America’s Shield Switch. Breaking the bars and activating the switch will activate an elevator to take you to the second floor.

Going up with scare the doctor, who will escape and start a fire on his way out. You can use Cap’s shield to protect yourself from the flames, which will bring you to the left half of the area. Use the pieces the doctor left behind during his escape to build a blue Grate Portal like the one pictured below to bring Mr. Fantastic over to Cap’s side. Now that you have Mr. Fantastic with you, rip open the wall with Fantastic’s stretchy arms.

Pulling the wall down will allow you to build Cap’s Shield Switch. Activate the switch, then use the wall device up the ladder to boot up the ray gun.

The ray gun will destroy pieces necessary to build Captain America’s shielding pad. Go back to the left side of the lab, then use the ray gun to direct the beam at Cap’s shield, which can be deflected to power up the two receptors on the wall. Once they’re charged, and elevator will appear to take you to the next part of the level.

You’ll arrive on the rooftops, so move to the right of the elevator and down the ladder, where you’ll need Mr. Fantastic to glide over to the next rooftop. After gliding, you’ll need to pull down the grapple plug and reveal pieces to build a ladder. Climbing the ladder will have you face a bunch of crates, which you should destroy to build a push pad. Push the push pad to move the satellite dish, which will reveal acrobatic poles for Captain America to use to get across.

After making your way across, activate the Shield Switch to allow Mr. Fantastic to use a Grate Portal and join you. You’ll eventually find an air conditioning unit to destroy and to use to build a Fantastic Pad. Mr. Fantastic will stretch himself into a water pump and will raise pressure in the water tower, causing destruction.

You can use the water pump’s pieces to build a zipline to the next roof, where Doctor Octopus waits patiently for you. The first character to come across him gets grabbed, so you must use the other character to make him let go. Doctor Octopus will eventually flee to another building, where you’ll need to destroy the supporting bricks holding the “HOTEL” sign up. This will create a little bridge you can cross.

On the lower roof of the hotel building, you can use Cap’s shield to drop a ladder. Then, walk by the fire, then wall-jump to the top of the roof. Destroy the AC unit up there, then use those pieces to build a Shield Switch. Activate the switch to activate an elevator that Mr. Fantastic can use to make it up to your level.

As Mr. Fantastic, hop into the elevator and glide down to the lower roof. From there, build a zipline for Cap to get across.

Use Mr. Fantastic to pull off the nearby Daily Bugle bugle, then use those pieces to build a Fantastic 4 Pad. He will become a wrecking ball and will smash Doctor Octopus, triggering a cutscene.

Use Mr. Fantastic to yank down the microwave dish tower to create a bridge to the second roof. You can then use Spider-Man (Who just came in) to climb up the pipes on the left and yank the covers off the motor to turn on the fans and allow your friends to join you.

Destroy the junk near the motor and use the pieces to build a device terminal, which will open the gate to the roof garden. At the end of the roof garden, stretch Mr. Fantastic into a rocket that will partially destroy the Spider-Man billboard. This will reveal two attachment points for Spider-Man to yank down. After yanking the billboard down, head through the hole in the building.

After doing that, you’ll arrive in Times Square, where you’ll have to fight Doctor Octopus. If he grabs you, switch to another character and release the grabbed one. To defeat him, rip his arms off whenever they get stuck, and once 3 of the arms get ripped off, punch him to finish him off once and for all.

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