Xbox – Every Console Release Since 2001

Microsoft is one of the biggest tech developers in the modern era, along with Android, Sony, Google, Apple and Amazon, so it makes sense that they would dig their hands into the console market, following Sony’s success with the PlayStation in 1995. Microsoft has released a bunch of Xbox consoles as a result throughout the years, ranging from the original Xbox in 2001 to the Xbox Series X and S in 2020. In this guide, we go over all 4 Xbox console releases.


The original Xbox was released in November 2001 during the sixth generation by Microsoft in competition with Sony and Nintendo’s line of consoles. It was pretty standard but didn’t sell too well compared to Sony’s PlayStation 2, but it introduced the iconic Halo franchise, which has become a staple of Microsoft since.

Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 came out 4 years after the Xbox, in November 2005, which isn’t that long in the world of gaming consoles. It started the seventh generation and released before Nintendo’s Wii and Sony’s PlayStation 3, which gave them a year’s head start, so when the PlayStation 3 released, the Xbox 360 had a full year’s worth of games in it’s library. It also had Halo 3, which released in 2007 exclusively on the Xbox 360. Halo 3 was pretty huge, and is often fondly remembered as one of Microsoft’s best games. The Xbox 360 was also the first console in the Xbox family to work on online features, Xbox Live, and introduced a motion control system in 2010 called Kinect, which was very similar to that of the motion controls of the Wii and the PlayStation 3.

Xbox One

Xbox One came out 8 years after the Xbox 360, in November 2013. It was marketed as an “all-in-one entertainment system”, hence the name, “Xbox One”. It released in the eighth generation, competing against Nintendo’s Wii U/Nintendo Switch and Sony’s PlayStation 4. Two remixed models released in 2016 and 2017: One S and One X. S was a white version of the original model while X featured upgraded hardware features.

Xbox Series X And S

The Xbox Series X and S are the two most recent Xbox consoles, released in November 2020 during the ninth generation of consoles. They are extremely advanced and add new and innovative features to the family like resume playing. You can read more about Series X here, and Series S here.

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