Lego Marvel Super heroes – Sand Central Station Walkthrough

Sand Central Station is the first storyline mission in Lego Marvel Super Heroes, and begins the story of Iron Man, Hulk and Spider-Man in a battle against Abomination and Sandman in New York City. The mission follows the heroes, as they arrive in Grand Central Station to fight Abomination and Sandman’s army of sand. Credit to IGN for some of the screenshots.


Silver Surfer, a herald of Galactus, has arrived on Earth. He ends up being captured by Doctor Doom, while Silver Surfer’s surfboard crashes and breaks into “cosmic bricks”. Doom and the imprisoned Loki plot to take over the world and build a doom ray with these bricks, while Nick Fury enlists some of Earth’s mightiest to help him defeat Galactus, Loki and Doom. In New York City, Iron Man and Hulk deal with Sandman and Abomination wrecking havoc in Grand Central Station, with Spider-Man tagging along. After the battle, Iron Man questions Nick Fury about the cosmic bricks, which even he doesn’t know about!


After starting the level, you’ll arrive at a messy scene in New York City. There’s sand everywhere, and Sandman’s goons are everywhere too. They’re pretty easy to defeat, but that’s not to say they have an awesome-looking design!

Afterwards, you’ll find two fire hydrants. Use Iron Man’s missiles to spread water on the sandy public bus so Hulk can smash it.

This will allow Hulk to pick up part of the public transport, which he can throw. This mission is basically made to learn the ropes of Lego Marvel Super Heroes, so there are some pretty easy objectives throughout. Afterwards, you’ll find a metal truck, where you can build a mechanism to have Hulk carry it.

Afterwards, you’ll come face-to-face with none other than Abomination. You’ll go through a quick-time event with Hulk, where you must mash buttons to beat the living daylight out of Abomination.

A cutscene will be triggered after defeating Abomination, as you’ll be taken inside the station to fight Sandman. Sandman has created two arms made up of sand, and your new objective is to destroy them. The green handles on the left can be used the Hulk to launch it at the left arm.

After defeating the arms, you’ll meet up with some sandy goons onboard a dusty train. Remember, you can turn back to Bruce Banner whilst playing as the Hulk and vice versa, which will come in handy later on. After defeating the goons and moving past the train, you’ll find an information center with a metal top. This top needs to be destroyed, and you can use Iron Man’s missiles to do so. These remaining bricks can be used to create a water cannon, which you can use to blast at the wall of sand and weaken it.

Weakening the wall will expose an area for Hulk to smash, where you’ll meet up with Sandman. There’s a large metal structure to the right, and destroying it with Iron Man will allow you to build a contraption for Hulk to throw at the sand castle.

A cutscene will be triggered, showing Iron Man and Hulk being launched onto the rooftops of Grand Central Station, with Spider-Man coming in to aid them. Sandman is now more powerful than ever, and it’ll take some time to defeat him. However, there’s an electrical gate in-between your team and Sandman, so your first objective is to destroy the metal gate as Iron Man.

You can then use Spider-Man’s spidey sense to detect a plug on the mechanism that was behind the metal gate. Obviously, this is demonstrating Spider-Man’s grapple ability.

You can then make your way to the other side of the rooftop and use your spidey sense to climb to the top of a platform. On top of this platform is a grapple hook, where you can use your webs to grapple onto the hook. The big satellite will fall down, and will require some assembly. Assemble a mechanism for Hulk using the satellite remains, and switch to Hulk to get a grip on it.

Grabbing the build and launching it at the electric mechanism will turn it off, and you’ll need to switch to Spider-Man to trigger your spidey sense. This will display dual grapple hooks on the “A” of the STARK tower logo, which you need to grapple on to. Afterwards, you’ll be able to visit the upper platform, next to a small tower. Use Spider-Man’s grapple to create a “ladder”. You will then need to use Hulk to turn into Bruce Banner to climb the ladder.

After arriving at the top of the tower, you’ll need to transform into Hulk to smash the top. Then, turn back into Bruce Banner (Or any other character) and use the remains to build, well, another water cannon to fight Sandman.

The water solidifies Sandman’s hand, and you must use the angry Hulk to punch it. Unfortunately, this doesn’t get rid of Sandman. You must instead destroy the bizarre build to your left with the Hulk to move further through the level. Smashing it will allow you to assemble a build for Hulk to throw, which should be used against the grain-filled goliath.

Afterwards, Sandman will be defeated and will rise once more, and your new objective is to use the newly-revealed lever on the right and the Spider-Man grapple on the left to unlock the other lever. After pulling both levers, you’ll have to use your spidey sense to reveal a large grapple in front of a water tank. Pull on it.

Afterwards, Sandman will fall over and his face will solidify, so you should use Hulk to finish him off once and for all.

Free Play

Minikit 1

Use Hulk to throw a taxi into the sign on the left to claim the first minikit.

Minikit 2

The second minikit has you destroy 3 mailboxes. The first mailbox is on the left and near the front, the second is on the left near the end of the block (Still on the left) and the third is on the right near the pizzeria.

Minikit 3

The third minikit has you visit the NYC Comics store on the right. Use Spider-Man to grapple the doors open and retrieve the third minikit.

Minikit 4

Also on the right, you’ll find a pile of dirt. This can be dug up by Wolverine and will reveal a delivery bike. Return it to the pizzeria towards the top right of the block (Near the NYC Comics store) and you’ll be given the fourth minikit.

Minikit 5

After making your way inside the station, you’ll find several golden builds. Use a heat-based character to destroy the one pictured below to claim the fifth minikit.

Minikit 6

Next to the information booth, you’ll need to use a character like Spider-Man or Wolverine to sense a weak spot in the pipe, then use a heat-based character like the later Iron Man armors or Human Torch to leak water out of that pipe. The leak will uncover a sandbox, which Sandman can use to dig up the sixth minikit.

Minikit 7

On the left side of the station, you’ll find a metal roll door and a golden wall. The wall can be cut using a heat-based character. This will give you pieces to build and later destroy a box. You’ll later need Wolverine’s claws to turn the switch and reveal the metal door, showing off a weak-minded man behind a glass pane. He can be mind-controlled by characters like Loki or Jean Grey to claim the seventh minikit.

Minikit 8

On the rooftop, near the far end, you’ll be tasked to use a telekinetic character to chime the hour. You’ll be rewarded with the eighth minikit for doing so.

Minikit 9

For minikit 9, you have to destroy 5 golden vents with a heat-based character.

  1. Near the metal gate (Pictured below)
  2. Climbing wall beside the generator
  3. By the giant “A”
  4. To the left of Sandman
  5. At the bottom of the tower to Sandman’s right

Destroying all 5 will reward you with the ninth minikit.

Minikit 10

After destroying the water tank to the right of Sandman, freeze the melted puddle to create an icy slide with an ice-based character like Iceman. Creating and riding such a slide will give you the tenth and final minikit.

Stan Lee In Peril

Stan Lee is trapped under one of the vending machines next to the fifth minikit, so break the machine to free him.

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