Roblox’s “Oof!” Sound Effect Is Being Replaced

One of the most iconic death sound effects in gaming is Roblox’s “oof”, and has become a staple of the game. It’s pretty iconic, and is now internet slang for getting hurt, in trouble or reacting to someone in one of those scenarios. Anyways, the sound effect actually did not come from Roblox, despite popular belief. The sound was created by Tommy Tallarico, a sound designer. The sound appeared at the end of Messiah, which was a 2000 indie video game. You can view the ending right here:

What does this mean? Well, as a death sound effect, the “oof” will be removed, but will still be available for purchase. As for its replacement, we have no idea what it will be, and we’ll have to wait and see.


  1. Wait, if the sound that Bob makes in the ending is the sound Robloxians make when they die, does that canonically mean that all Robloxians sound like Bob when they speak?


    1. I think so, but who knows if Robloxians even say anything but “oof” in general? It might be the case with Fortnite where the characters are looped and cannot speak, but it would be pretty hilarious to hear an incredibly squeaky voice in something like Phantom Forces.


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