Fortnite: Battle Royale – How To Visit Every POI In A Single Match

The XP Extravangza challenges have officially released, and one of the challenges stands out the most due to how peculiar it is. We must visit all 17 locations on the island in a single match. This seems like a big lead-up to the huge event supposedly taking stage later this month, and I suppose Epic’s challenge team wants us to get a good look of the 14.50 version of the map before Season 5 launches this Christmas. And since the Storm is hard to cooperate with, I set up a guide on how to easily traverse the map.

Alright, so the challenge really depends on where you drop and where the Storm circle wants to cooperate. For this challenge, it’s best to land at a POI or landmark with a Choppa (Unavailable in Team Rumble), which is a vehicle that is easiest to use when traversing the island, and is a vehicle I use all the time with challenges like this. Credit to for the map below of Choppa spawns.

What you should next is cover the areas outside the circle. For example, if you drop at the spawn location in Doom’s Domain lie how I did, and the circle’s lying around Doom’s Domain, Salty Springs, The Ruins, Craggy Cliffs and Stark Industries, try to go for areas like Slurpy Swamp and Misty Meadows and other areas outside of the circle, since you’ll usually have 2-3 minutes until the Storm fully begins to take over. If you do get lost in the storm however, don’t worry. Try to finish up all the outside locations and then return to the circle to finish up the last ones. For a tutorial, here’s a basic video explanation:

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