Join The Videogame Guides Club In Apex Legends!

Season 7 of Apex Legends launched yesterday, and with it came the addition of clubs. Clubs are teams you can create where you can send announcements, customize banners and hang out. So, I decided to create a Videogame Guides-themed club. This club is a casual club to play in, but competitive players are allowed.


The tags Videogame Guides uses are:

#All Game Modes (Doesn’t matter what you play)

#Beginners Welcome (Rank in this club is irrelevant)

#No Mics (I find them annoying)

#LGBTQIA+ Welcome

#Gamers With Disabilities Welcome

The actual code to join the club is VGDE. You know, “Videogame Guide?” Anyway, come check the Videogame Guides club out in Apex Legends today.

UPDATE: As of December 30, 2020, the Videogame Guides club has been discontinued and the code is no longer valid.

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