Fortnite Is Offering The Classic Harvesting Tool For Free!

Yes, you heard it correctly. Ever since Chapter 2 came out, Fortnite basically rebooted itself. The map, UI and default cosmetics were all altered, including the classic Fortnite harvesting tool. The change angered nostalgic Fortnite fans, and these players have been begging for the old Chapter 1 items back. Well, they don’t need to wait anymore, because it seems like Epic is offering the classic Fortnite harvesting tool for free!

On an announcement today, they confirmed talked about how Fortnite would run on the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, the next generation of consoles set for release next week. They also announced that because we’re remembering the past while going through the future, the OG Chapter 1 harvesting tool with be available for free – titled the Throwback Axe. This pick will be available from November 4, 2020 all the way until January 15 of next year.

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