Apex Legends – Everything You Need To Know About Season 7’s Clubs

The seventh season of Apex Legends is upon us, and it seems like we have a ton of content to be excited about. From a whole new map, to an astronomical legend, to clubs! Now, clubs may seem like a secondary friends list at first glance, but they’re pretty deep and might pave the way for more social elements to be implemented in Apex Legends. In this guide, we go over clubs and how they work. Credit to the official Apex Legends website for the screenshots.

Starting Off

After logging into Season 07, you’ll be greeted with a tab all about clubs. You will find a Marvin robot and the option to join or create a club, followed by a list of some clubs you can join.

Creating A Club

Creating and managing a club of your own requires you to fill out these options:

Name | The name of your club. It has to be unique and the maximum number of letters you can put is 16. It’s pretty self-explanatory.

Tag | A 4-character code for your club that will be visible to squadmates when in a match. Think of it as a social security number, but public for some reason.

Logo | The official logo of your club. Again, pretty self-explanatory.

Privacy Setting | How private or public your club is. There are a few levels to this option. They can be completely open to the public, restricted based on ranking or account level, by request and by invite. Invitation-based clubs do not pop up on search results, so an invitation-based club is the closet thing you’ll get to a fully private club.

Search Tags | Search tags are basically categories to filter clubs. Is your club completely passive, chill, and down to play anything, or are you a Wraith, hungry for competitive play and reliable teammates? Tag your club accordingly depending on how you want your club to be like. There are 5 tags at the moment, including one welcoming LGBTQIA+. Huh, wonder what that’s all about.

Searching For A Club

If you don’t want to manage or create a club, perhaps you should consider looking for one instead. Finding a club is quite easy to do. You can search by specific restriction levels, search tags, etc. If you meet club requirements, you’ll be able to join! However, if the club is only joinable via request, you will need to submit a request for entry. The admins of the club will review your entry and decide whether or not you should join.

Participating In A Club

After joining a club, the club tab will completely change, giving info and data about your club. All club members have access to the members list, where you can party up with other members and such.

You’ll notice the “timeline” and “chat” areas in the screenshot above. Well, let me explain. The timeline is a list of all the recent events that have happened in the club, such as people joining, leaving, or placing Top 5. Chat is pretty easy to understand. Just a place where you can communicate with your clubmates.

Club Ranks

To make managing the club easier, owners can assign ranks and build a hierarchy within their club. There are 4 ranks, each with different perks:

Grunt | The standard member. They can do the bare minimum a club member can do.

Captain | Captains have the ability to send invites to people, but not much more.

Admin | Admins can send invites, kick Captains or Grunts out of the club, change settings, post announcements, view complaints, and can promote Grunts to Captains.

Owner | Owners are assigned by default, as they are the ones who have created the club. They can do everything an Admin can do, they can promote users up to Admin, and they can kick anyone out of the club.

There can only be one Owner, but multiple of any other rank, so promote your friends to as high a rank as you want! Or don’t. It’s your decision. You can also kick members if you’re an Admin or Owner if they’re up to trouble or are doing some mean things.

Club Announcements

Admins and owners can post announcements that will create a pop-up message the next time members enter the lobby. The most recent announcement can be reviewed at any time from the club lobby, so don’t worry if you miss something. Announcements can be silly, serious, informational and much more.

Club Badges

Badges are visual logos for your club to show what it’s capable of. There’s a few badges that visually describe the abilities your club has.

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