Among Us – Costume Combos You Can Wear!

Among Us seems to be focusing on its cosmetic side, and the have quite a large variety of cosmetics. You can customize and add hats, colors, pets and even clothes onto your character! Well, in this guide, we go over all the different hat and color combos you can make in Among Us. These combos are all free in the game but add a little bit more cosmetic style to your character.


Since Among Us takes place in space and is about alien shapeshifters and spacemen, this alien costume is more than fitting in such a setting, especially if you’re an impostor alien. You can also change the color to orange or white to make the alien from Reddit.


Carrots, along with pistachios, are some of my favorite foods, and this little carrot costume looks extremely delicious. Personally, that is.

Demonic Devil

This spooky and evil costume is that of a devil. Part of the Halloween holiday, this scary outfit fits the impostor role quite well. While simple, I can see this combo becoming more popular in the future.


This is another food-based costume, if you consider it a food. If you know what I mean….

Flamingo Cosplayer

This silly costume is a costume of a cosplay or a flamingo. While I don’t particularly care for flamingos myself, this stupidly goofy outfit fits the equally bizarre tone of Among Us pretty well and is quite popular.

Furry Animal

This outfit is very subtle, but a cool one. It’s a small furry animal, like a little bear. It’s not very popular, but it’s certainly cute, so if you don’t want to look serious while completing tasks, this is the outfit for you.


Goats are some of the funniest animals around, and this uncommon costume sure represents that. Whether you love goats, or want to be the GOAT at Among Us, this goat costume is for you!


Halloween is a great time for Among Us hats and items, and one of them happens to be a villainous hockey mask. This is obviously a reference to Jason from the Friday the 13th franchise, a slasher series. Even if you’re like me, a person who’s never seen Friday the 13th, you will get the reference almost immediately.

Medical Mask

Since the COVID-19 outbreak is forcing us wear medical masks online, Innersloth is capitalizing on this with wearable medical masks. These fit with any color, but white works the best. And remember, keep your mask on while in public. You don’t wanna catch Covid.

Military General

This outfit is more serious, and depicts a rugged military general. There’s also a green cap you can wear instead but I feel like this one fits the war/soldier theme a lot more.

My Personal One

I decided to show off my personal one. It’s the one I use in every match and is a simple and clean design, representing a red beanie.

Plague Doctor

This simple Plague Doctor one harkens back to the medieval age, where medicine was tough to master and sell, and procedures were pretty difficult. This costume is a perfect one for the Halloween holiday!

Yellow Knight

This costume is pretty unpopular, but is still a creative one. This yellow knight, like the plague doctor, harkens back to the medieval ages, and you’ll see these type of knights whilst jousting or something.


  1. Want to be a police man or woman just put on your police cap,police dog and police uniform and get ready to arrest the impostor for commiting murder


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