Red Dead Redemption 2 – Enter, Pursed By A Memory Walkthrough

Enter, Pursed By A Memory is the second storyline mission in Chapter 2 in Red Dead Redemption 2’s story mode, and continues the story of the Van Der Linde gang fleeing from Blackwater. The mission Arthur and Javier, who are sent out to find John Marston in the cold mountains. Credit to IGN for some of the information and screenshots.


The next day following the establishment of the new Van Der Linde camp, Arthur and Javier are tasked by Abigail Roberts to find John Marston, who hasn’t been seen in days after going on a scouting mission. Arthur and Javier ride together, and at one point, Javier finds a camp. They also find John’s horse, frozen to death. Javier fires his gun to see if John hears, which he can. The two then reunite with the injured John, as they run into some deadly wolves. After killing and escaping them, the group returns to camp, as Abigail berates John.


Upon starting the mission, you’ll learn that horses have health. Cool! You’ll also learn about cinematic camera, where you can toggle the POV to make it look like an interactive cutscene. Your goal is to follow Javier, and it appears that John’s horse has froze to death, as it’s entrails are exposed. Javier will eventually fire his gun to see if John could hear.

Enter, Pursued by a Memory2.jpg

After continuing to follow Javier, you’ll reach territory that’s too narrow for horses. So, you must grab a shotgun from your horse’s inventory and keep them there. Afterwards, you’ll learn about the stamina core, and how you need to eat in order to keep your stamina up. Canned peaches, for example, can fuel your stamina core.

Keep following Javier and eventually, you’ll find a bloody John. An interactive cutscene of sorts will play, with Javier carrying John back to the horses.

After making it back to the horses, you’ll have to fight off some wolves. Killing them is the easiest option, as you can use your shotgun to shoot them. You can also shoot somewhere else to distract them.

Enter, Pursued by a Memory1-1.jpg

After killing the wolves, you’ll have to mount your horse once again and head down with Javier and John.

Enter, Pursued by a Memory1-1 Wolves2 Screen Shot 10-25-18, 7.08 AM 2.png

Afterwards, you’ll run into some more horses. Put them down to keep Javier and John safe. Letting them die will result in mission failure.

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