Fortnite – The Best Desktop Wallpapers To Use

Fortnite is very well known for it’s quality promotional art, loading screens and images, so it makes sense that people would want desktop/laptop wallpapers based off of their favorite games. In this guide, we show off our collection of desktop wallpapers based off 2017’s Fortnite.

Desktop Wallpapers

I made each wallpaper 1080 x 607 pixels, which is popular with most laptops and computers. If it’s too small or big, you can zoom in or out and screencap that.

Blockbuster Contest

This was the promotional art used for the Blockbuster contest from all the way back in Chapter 1, Season 4, which had fans create their own Fortnite superhero films, and the winner would have their film aired at the Risky Reels movie theater. You can watch the winning short, Prepare for Collision, here.

Chapter 1, Season 7

Chapter 1, Season 7 was my favorite season and the first season that had proper promotional artwork. The artwork depicts the X-4 Stormwing vehicle introduced that season traveling across the new snowy POIs, as the 7 Battle Pass characters (Minus the Prisoner) hang on.

Chapter 1, Season 8

Season 8 continued the artwork trend the season prior began, and made their image entirely different. It depicts the 7 main Battle Pass characters (Along with the Dodger pet) heroically standing in front of a volcano, a pirate ship and an ancient temple.

Chapter 1, Season 9

Season 9, the Futurama-inspired and penultimate installment in Chapter 1, swapped the epic scenery for a more basic image. The main artwork for Season 9 depicts the 7 Battle Pass outfits in front of a neon and futuristic backdrop. Also, a thing I noted is that the loading screen that was given at the end of the season (Depicted here) is different than the actual Season 9 artwork.

Chapter 1, Season X

Season X was the final season of Chapter 1 and was incredibly controversial. Annoying additions like POI gimmicks, killer mechs, build speed reduction and more were all present. As for the artwork, it’s very much like Season 9’s. The 7 main Battle Pass characters posing in front of a semi-colorful background.

Chapter 2, Season 1

Fortnite rebooted itself in October 2019 with Season 11, dubbed Chapter 2, Season 1. Everything was rebooted. The map arena, the recruit outfits, and most of the UI were all updated. The artwork depicts 3 of the recruit outfits looking at the new breathtaking map.

Chapter 2, Season 2

Chapter 2, Season 2 was one of the most memorable seasons in Fortnite history, with it’s fun yet balanced mechanics and gimmicks including NPC bosses and henchmen, its spy theme, and its characters. The wallpaper depicts 5 of the Battle Pass characters launching themselves away from an explosion.

Chapter 2, Season 3

Chapter 2, Season 3 was one of the seasonal-themed seasons, themed all around water and the summer holidays, which included water fortresses, oceanic castles and trash islands. The wallpaper depicts the Ocean, Scuba Jonesy and Aquaman characters riding across the sea, whilst the other 5 Battle Pass characters watch from above the Fortilla. It’s without a doubt one of the most cinematic and epic wallpapers, so it’s pretty cool!

Chapter 2, Season 4

Chapter 2, Season 4 was one of the most interesting seasons. It was themed all around Marvel Comics, a property Epic Games doesn’t own. The wallpaper depicts all the iconic Marvel superheroes heroically standing around the Sentinel Graveyard, with Galactus reaching above sinisterly.

Creative Mode

Creative is one of the three modes playable in Fortnite, along with Save The World and Battle Royale. The wallpaper itself captures the chaos and creativity of the mode so well, though.

Criterion And Oblivion

Criterion and Oblivion were two outfits that came out late in Chapter 1, Season 4, and were clearly female counterparts to the popular Carbide and Omega superhero outfits. The wallpaper is very cinematic, showing a partly-cloudy sky with two characters flying across the clouds.

Dark Reflections

The “legends” bundle for Season X was all about darkness, as we got dark remixes of the Jonesy, Red Knight and Wild Card outfits in this great pack. As for the wallpaper, it’s pretty clean and simple, while remaining sinister and menacing.

Drift And Ragnarok

Drift and Ragnarok were the two Battle Pass outfits from Chapter 1, Season 5, from alternate realities. The wallpaper depicts the two characters next to each other, standing in front of a dark blue background, complete with a rift crack.


Firewalker was one of the more underrated outfits from Fortnite’s Lunar New Year line-up, and his epic wallpaper depicts a well-lit scene in Lucky Landing, complete with Fishstick purchasing something behind him.

Fortnite’s First Birthday

Fortnite celebrated their first birthday in July 2018, which included a hero, some quests and a few bonuses for Save The World and a revamped Battle Bus, challenges and exclusive cosmetics for Battle Royale.

Fortnite X Jordan

Fortnite X Jordan was a crossover from all the way back in Chapter 1, Season 9, and was a crossover with the Nike shoes based off Michael Jordan. The wallpaper shows off the Grind and Clutch outfits playing the Downtown Drop LTM that came with it.

Garage Band

The Garage Band cosmetic set from Chapter 1, Season 5 is pretty underrated and was overshadowed by the Power Chord and Riot outfits. The wallpaper shows the two rockers singing across Paradise Palms, riding a red convertible.


The Goalbound set that released to coincide with the 2018 World Cup included a ton of football-themed items. The wallpaper itself depicts everyone dropping in to the outdoor football stadium that was available to visit during the summer of 2018.

Half Court

The Half Court set is another sports-themed set and was quite infamous for a while for being so rare. The actual wallpaper is pretty cool, depicting a dark night in Tilted Towers, as the Jumpshot outfit uses his harvesting tool as a basketball net.


The Hardboiled set was one released at the end of Season 4, and depicts some noir detectives clearly ripped from the 1930s era. The wallpaper has them investigate some bizarre things in the Retail Row POI.

Harley Quinn

The Harley Quinn outfit was released to coincide with the Birds of Prey release in early 2020, and has since become quite a popular outfit. The wallpaper itself is quite stylish, and reflects Harley’s crazy personality. There is also some weird paintings behind Harley, which appear to be mutated creatures of some sort.

Haunted Hills

Haunted Hills was one of the most underrated POIs from the Chapter 1 island, and depicted a dark graveyard. As for the wallpaper, it captures the eerie feeling Haunted Hills has, with a dark atmosphere and demeaning feel.

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