Fortnite: Creative – Evil Awaits Lucy Walkthrough

Evil Awaits Lucy is one of the many horror maps in Fortnite: Creative, and is part of a franchise of “Evil Awaits _____” maps, supposedly taking inspiration from the Resident Evil horror series with it’s countless installments. The map follows you, a babysitter, who’s babysitting this strange little girl named Lucy, but some peculiar things happen along the way.


The story has you play the role of a babysitter, looking after a girl named Lucy. You have babysat her before, but she’s pretty peculiar. Some ruckus goes on as you investigate the house for secrets, but sinister, sinister stuff goes on, as the house is clearly haunted, and Lucy is clearly possessed. After finding a key, you escape the house.


Here are the settings you should enable before playing in order to play the intended way:

Brightness | 100

Minimap | Off


The first thing you want to do is to enter Lucy’s house. It’s pretty dark, so there’s some spooky stuff going on visually.

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Next up, head towards the TV and stand by the blue light to interact with it. This is how interacting with things in this map works. After “watching” some TV, you decide you’re hungry, and decide to head over towards the blue light next to the fridge for a snack.

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After grabbing a snack, you’ll start to hear some weird things upstairs. Head upstairs, and all the way to Lucy’s room to make sure she’s alright.

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After entering her room, you’ll come to the conclusion that she’s fine, so you decide to just go back downstairs and continue watching TV. However, whilst you go down there, a minor jumpscare will trigger, and you’ll begin to hear footsteps from upstairs.

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You will then go upstairs, and you’ll find an abandoned attic.

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The footsteps will eventually stop, as your new goal is to return to the living room to see the ruckus created.

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After searching the destroyed kitchens and living room, you’ll hear some evil laughter upstairs. Your new goal is to go back upstairs and check on Lucy, but the door closes itself, a mysterious figure mentions that it’s taking Lucy with them.

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Back downstairs, a new door, along with a speed pad, have randomly appeared.

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Entering the room leads you across a long stairway, and downstairs houses a message, titled, “You should have left me alone“. You can then look to your right and interact with the chest by you.

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You try to go upstairs, but a jumpscare sends you back and you end up in a mysterious hallway, complete with small lights.

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Whilst you walk through the eerie hallway, you can read a monologue from a feminine yet unknown figure, saying stuff like “I want to live again” and other vague statements. Very spooky indeed. At the end of the hollowed hallway, you’ll come face-to-face with a door. It proceeds to automatically open, as you are greeted by a pumpkin character with a sinister laugh.

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Walking through the door will introduce you to, well, a room! Head towards your right and you’ll come to find a vent, completely locked.

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At this point, your goal is to find an item to open the vent with by interacting with crates, boxes, cabinets and the like. None of them have anything useful except for the crate pictured here, which can be found to the left of the room.

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Inside the crate, you’ll find a shotgun, with 5 bullets, so you should use it wisely. Head back to the vent and shoot it open with your new weapon.

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Crawl through the air ducts until you reach another exit, which you should blast open with your shotgun. You will then find a strange hallway, and will proceed to walk through it.

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After walking through the metal hallway for a bit, you will randomly teleport back to the eerie, dimly-lit hallway and will come face-to-face with none other than a wooden door once more.

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Walking through the door will place you in Lucy’s parent’s bedroom, clearly in bad condition.

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A giant gnome is placed outside the bedroom for some strange reason, but bypassing that will have you return back to Lucy’s house.

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After your encounter with the gnome, you try to exit the house but the door closes. Going outside the master bedroom and back to the creepy hallway will lead you to this mysterious mirror, which holds a key for you to open the door with.

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Go back downstairs and open the door.

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Outside, you will find a second door and Lucy inside. Lucy tells you that you made her mum upset, and she tells you that her father is coming for you and her. The story ends, leaving it on a cliffhanger.

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