Hitman 2 – Essential Guide

Hitman 2 is a game I received recently, and boy, is it fun. Being a hitman is one of the most talked about jobs out there. Being a hired mercenary tasked to secretly murder important figures sounds like fun, and the Hitman series is a good simulation of that career. Plus, there are a ton of unique features to the game, such as disguises, murder and way more. So in this guide, we go over the basics of Hitman 2.


The game revolves around Agent 47, a cloned hitman who is made to be the perfect killing machine. 47 works for the International Contract Agency, and his goal is to eliminate targets from all over the world. The new enemy: A Shadow client. Now, it’s up to Agent 47 to uncover his past and defeat the organization Providence!


The weaponry 47 is armed with is powerful. From deadly weapons like the suppressed pistols, to concussive items like the tranquilizer gun, and even weapons like katanas and shurikens! Random items like police batons and expired spaghetti sauce can be used as well.


Disguises can be used to blend in with the crowd so you don’t look suspicious. Disguises can be donned after killing someone, as you can steal their clothes and disguise as them. Disguises can also be used to enter certain areas. For example, if you’re not wearing a security disguise, you’ll be called out for “trespassing”.

Murder And Targets

Every mission, your goal is to eliminate a specific target, no matter the cost. Doing so will require a body count, so you’ll have to kill other people and don their outfits in order to reach targets. Targets are fairly easy to spot, as they’re marked red when you sense for intel. Killing them, however, can be done creatively. From waiting for them to sleep in their room so you can kill them, to rigging a race to kill a race car driver, there are a ton of creative ways you can eliminate targets.

When the dust settles, Hitman 2 is a fun experience. It has clever dialogue and story, the objectives are difficult – but not too difficult, and there are ton of ways to kill.

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