Fortnite: Battle Royale – Where To Find Witch Brooms

Witch Brooms are one of the new items added with the 14.40 patch, themed all around the fourth annual Fortnitemares event for Halloween – Midas’ Revenge. Anyway, a new item added was a witch broom, which is a lot like glider redeploy. Except you ride a broomstick. Anyway, you need to find one and ride one for 100 meters for a challenge, so in this guide, we go over an easy way to find broom sticks.


Witch brooms can be found in a little spooky hut near Gorgeous Gorge and the Sentinel Graveyard. (It may be hard to find due to the Fortnitemares fog) They can also be found in other huts and seemed to have replaced fishing poles for now. Anyway, these spooky sticks can be found near hut-like locations, and you’ll receive a couple from interacting with their location. From there on, just use them to go really high and fly for 100 meters to complete the challenge!

Here’s a visual representation of what to do:

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