Red Dead Redemption 2 – Outlaws From The West Walkthrough

Outlaws From The West is the first storyline mission in Chapter 1 in Red Dead Redemption 2’s story mode, and begins the story of Arthur Morgan and the Van Der Linde gang. The mission follows the gang on the run in extremely cold territory, as they try to find shelter and supplies. Credit to IGN for some of the information and screenshots.


The Van Der Linde gang is on the run and has left the town of Blackwater in search of shelter and supplies somewhere else. They end up in the freezing territory of Ambarino, where Arthur Morgan, the character you control, finds an old mining town to call home. Dutch Van Der Linde, leader of the Van Der Linde gang, invites Arthur and gang member Micah to find supplies, and they find a nearby homestead. While Dutch tries to introduce himself to the people of the homestead, they are ambushed by the O’Driscoll Boys, an enemy gang. After the ambush, Arthur and Dutch search the cabin there for supplies, as Arthur later searches the barn nearby for anything useful. Arthur himself is ambushed once more by an O’Driscoll member, who he interrogates to learn more about Colt O’Driscoll, the O’Driscoll leader. Arthur then finds and tames a Tennessee Walker horse, just when Micah begins to taunt a woman who was hiding in the cabin. The woman, Sadie Adler, reveals that the O’Driscolls attacked her homestead, just when Micah unintentionally burns down the cabin. The gang then take Adler in and escape the homestead.


Your first task is to ride a horse with Dutch. It’ll go through the basics of horse-riding, showing how you can control the horse.

  • Hold X/A to keep pace.
  • Double tap X/A to go faster.
  • Press R1 to slow the horse down.
  • Use the left stick to control the horse.

Eventually, Micah will come into the picture, who’s found a house that they should investigate.

After reaching the homestead, tie the horse using Y or Triangle and crouch and hide where Dutch tells you and Micah to. This is a cattle shed that you should camp in.

Outlaws From the West1-2.jpg

Micah later realizes that there are corpses in the homestead, as the O’Driscoll boys attack. Use your gun to kill the enemies, but if a few get away, that’s alright.

Outlaws From the West1-3.jpg

Head inside the big cabin with Dutch. This is where you’ll learn about the different cores (Bars that deplete overtime) whilst grabbing supplies. Make sure you search every cabinet and pick up as much things as you can. You never know when you might need it.


After looting the house, Dutch will call to you and ask you to inspect the barn.


One of the O’Driscoll boys will literally jump down and knock you down, so attack him with B or circle. Dutch will eventually come in and see the fistfight, and your job is to interrogate the goon about the leader of his gang, Colt O’Driscoll. Now, after the interrogation, the choice is yours. Kill, or spare? By the way, punching him 3 times during the sequence will kill him. Sparing the goon will have him appear later on, but he will be killed nonetheless.


After you made your choice, pick up your hat and gun. Then, approach and calm the horse down with X/Square, and later pat it using the same button. Lead the horse outside using Y/Triangle. You’ll hear some screaming coming from the house! It’s Mrs. Sadie Adler, who thinks that you’re an O’Driscoll. Micah then unintentionally burns the house down, as you saddle up with Adler back to camp, assuring her that everything is going to be okay.

Outlaws From the West1-5.jpg

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