Among Us – Tips For Crewmates And Impostors!

Among Us, while boasting a simple premise, does have some surprising depth. There are a bunch of tips and tricks to learn that can help you win, tactically take advantage over the enemy and more. Just fun little tactics you should try when playing the game. In this guide, we’ll show off some of the tips and tricks for both impostors and crewmates.

Crewmate Tips

  • Security, a room on Skeld, is one of the best rooms. You have full surveillance over 4 cameras across the spaceship, and the room itself usually isn’t very crowded. Make sure to bring a partner along to defend you if impostors come into the room.
  • Don’t pin the blame on random crewmates during meetings. Nobody will like you if you just blame others for no reason and that would most likely get people suspicious.
  • Turning Visual Tasks ON will confirm to others that you’re not an impostor, therefore verifying your innocence during meetings.
  • Rooms like the vital machine in the Polus map are extremely useful. Just areas where you can get data of death, movement and security in real time are extremely useful, and it’s best to bring a friend to defend you from the impostor.

Impostor Tips

  • Do not vote immediately during emergency meetings. It makes you look desperate, trying to shift the blame to another person. Keep a “poker face” of sorts, and don’t talk overly in the chat or vote immediately.
  • If someone during an emergency meeting is extremely suspicious of you, silence them with murder.
  • Locking doors is extremely useful, and if you’re in a room with a single target, lock the door so they can’t escape and kill them. If there’s a vent in the room, go in it, but if there isn’t, self-report the body.
  • Vents are great, but when traveling through vent holes, try to escape at a place with 1 or less people, so your murders can be quick and easy.
  • Keep a good eye out on security cameras. If they have a red button, that means someone is not only in the Security room, but also watching you, so be careful where you kill.

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