Fortnite: Battle Royale – Slang Glossary And Dictionary

Our Fortnite Slang Glossary is here! This guide runs through some lingo you might find in a game, when using online forums and more. A lot of these words have actual meaning to them, and while some are pretty basic and self-explanatory, others, are not. So if you’re an inexperienced Fortnite player looking to fit in with the community, or a veteran player looking to see the origins of such lingo, you came to the right place! I do take suggestions, so if there’s a phrase I missed, please tell me in the comments below and I will get to you as soon as I can. So, let’s look into this lingo!


This is a common term in most competitive videogames. Imagine someone is beaten in a match and in order to prove their enemies’ skills, challenges them to a 1v1. These are a good showcase of talent or skill because in 1v1s, there’s little holding you or your adversary up. In Fortnite, most people perform 1v1s in the Battle Lab mode.

1×1 (One By One)

A 1×1 was a strategic build that famous streamer Myth used to use. They were essentially a small tower that kept the player nice and cozy in there, and was pretty good for getting Victory Royales.


90s refer to another building technique, similar to Myth’s 1x1s. They involve a small tower being built with ramps, floors and walls for protection while creating a tower. They get their name because the builder turns 90 degrees when creating a new floor. I also included a video to teach you how to perform 90s in case you’re curious.

ADS (Aim Down Sights)

ADS, or Aim Down Sights, is just a fancy way of holding the button to zoom in on the aim of your weapon, and usually, when players use ADS, they prefer thinner, less bulky outfits to not cover the screen too much.

AFK (Away From Keyboard)

AFK, or Away From Keyboard is pretty common computer/gaming slang. People use it when they have to go idle during a game, usually an online one in order to do something in the real world, like chores, or studies. If you want to be fancy and formal about it, you can just say you’re going idle. There is also AFC, or Away From Controller, for controller users. Most people just say AFK though.


Aiming in Fortnite isn’t too easy, so most players have a third-party program where it basically aims for them. People usually get banned for this, as it is cheating, plus you can see people through walls. I wouldn’t recommend it, and I only met an Aimbot user once, and he got banned a few minutes after my encounter with him.


To bait in Fortnite is to trick a prey or a clueless target into a trap or something fatal. I have both baited and I have been baited. 

Big Pot

A way of saying a “Shield Potion”, which grants you 50 shield. This is because, well, it’s a big pot of shield.


Bot refers to a player who plays poorly. It comes from the fact that most games have AI and since they’re the computer, they’re not very good. They were pretty comical doing stupid stuff like running into walls. In Fortnite, they added actual AI. Bots disguising as real players was added at the beginning of Chapter 2 and Henchman AI were added in Season 2, but in late-Chapter 1, it meant a player who plays poorly, like an AI.


“To Buff” is a pretty common verb in competitive gaming. It’s essentially when a character or item is rather weak or not as powerful as it’s counterparts and becomes much more powerful in the next update. It’s the antonym for nerfing.

Build Battle

Build Battles are when you and an enemy usually rely on building materials and editing to gain victory. High ground is also another important tactic to use when fighting in a build battle. 


Camper is one of the oldest terms on the list, and it has originated from old-school shooters like Call of Duty or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It’s essentially a scared player who isn’t willing to fight in order to achieve victory, but rather, is willing to hide in an area or “set up camp” instead of actually going to fight. Most people, including me, used camping as a strategy back when we started Fortnite.


Carrying a team/teammate usually refers to your squad or squadmate completely relying on you for a victory. This is mostly used in negatively context, as being carried usually means that you’re bad, and your teammate isn’t. 


Casuals refer to players who don’t play for glory or professionally, but rather, for fun and for casual play. 


To mess or screw up on a shot or chance. For example, “I completely choked that shot!”


Clutch is one of the more widely-used ones, and it’s when you manage to win or achieve victory in a tense situation, while you, your enemy and others are doubtful of your victory. I’m pretty sure it originated in basketball.


A shorter term for competitive plays, players or community. 


To essentially be really skilled or just generally great. I’m certain it came from Bugha, the champion who won the 2019 Fortnite World Cup.

Crackhouse/Granny’s House

This term refers to the lodge by The Agency. It was added on Apollo on update 11.30, because it was on the Athena island since Season 7. This festive house, officially dubbed “Crackshot’s House”, is named after the Crackshot outfit. However, many refer to this cabin as Crackhouse or Granny’s House. 


This verb is usually associated with the 90s term, which means to “quickly crank” out


A default refers to a person without a cosmetic outfit equipped. Players who wear default outfits are usually looked down upon or seen as “new” or “bad” players, however some good players intentionally wear a default outfit so people underestimate their abilities, which can be used as a slight advantage.

Desert Eagle

Another term for the Hand Cannon in Fortnite, because of the Desert Eagle in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Both weapons are extremely similar and are more or less the same.

Double Pump

“Double Pump” refers to an old tactic that was popular in the early seasons. Since shotguns have a delay after shooting, by having two shotguns and switching between them, there is little delay! That sounds pretty cool right? A Pump Shotgun that never delays. Of course, that’s pretty overpowered, as it was altered slightly afterward, making a whole lot of players mad. It was even referenced as a banner in the Season X Battle Pass!

Dog House

Dog House refers to many houses, especially in Retail Row and Pleasant Park that have a dog house near them. This is just a fancy term for these houses.


“Dub” refers to a shorter way of saying “W”. Strange, but it makes sense. This means to win, as people get dubs by winning.


GG refers to an acronym, having both positive and negative uses. GG could mean “Good Game” when being a good sport and complimenting the players. GG could also mean “Get Good”, as a sarcastic and honestly rather rude remark after such an embarrassing loss. 


GOAT refers to an acronym, meaning “Greatest Of All Time”. This term is used a lot outside of gaming and in the sports world, especially in Basketball. 

Harry Pottered

Harry Pottered refers to a moment in most Fortnite games when you’re trapped underneath some staircases or trapped underneath someone’s tower. This is a reference to the Harry Potter book and film series, obviously, since Harry Potter used to live underneath the staircases at the Dursley’s house.

High Ground

High Ground refers to an elevated advantage you might get over your adversary. High ground is an important position to take in Fortnite, and make sure your adversary doesn’t have Skye’s Grappler, because then, you might have to kiss your high ground spot goodbye.


Hutwatch refers to the hut that’s currently ongoing construction by Misty Meadows. These erected huts are dubbed “Hutwatch” by YouTuber PlayStationGrenade, where the host, Adam Kelsall, has a series where he watches every week to see if the hut has made any construction process. I put this on here because the community uses the term a lot, and Epic has literally named the files of the hut, “Hutwatch”, as an inside joke. 


Kevin refers to the mysterious cube that appeared in Paradise Palms at the end of Season 5. Why Kevin? Well, Kevin was the name because the subreddit r/FortNiteBR banned the word “cube”, so they went along with “Kevin” instead. This name became so popular, Epic even coined it with the Lil’ Lev back bling and Kevin prefabs and galleries in Fortnite.


KOBE! is an older term on the list that is inspired by the late basketball star Kobe Byrant. When you throw a grenade or item in a strange and peculiar way, that’s what Kobe Byrant would do on the court when shooting hoops. You then proceed to yell “KOBE!” after launching that item.


This one is an extremely common one in gaming or anything technology-wise. In Fortnite, it refers to your internet going slowly, along with your actions. This can lead to a pretty bad disadvantage in a battle.


Lasered refers to being completely beamed and annihilated by someone with clearly better loot. The term became very popular in Chapter 2, Season 2 because the Henchman and bosses like Midas or Brutus are extremely powerful and can probably “laser” less-experienced players.

Lebron’s House

LeBron’s House refers to the house with the court in Retail Row, based on the iconic LeBron James basketball player. If he were to live in Fortnite, he would likely live here so he can practice for a big game at home, however this terms can also be attached to other houses with courts in residential locations. This house has 2 chests inside.


Loadouts refer to your set of loot or hotbar. You want to have the perfect idea of your ideal loadout, fitting your style. Are you more of an offense kind of player? Perhaps Shotguns and Assault Rifles may fit your need. Are you a defense player? Take some Shields and Bandage Bazookas. Are you are a recon player? Take some Sniper Rifles. Are you are trap expert? Perhaps take some Proximity Mines. There’s a ton of loadout potiential.

Low Ground

Low Ground serves as the opposite of High Ground. It refers to players who don’t build often and have fights on the low ground. Low Ground players can actually succeed in matches, but it’s not a strategy I would recommend.


A brief way of saying “materials.”


A brief way to categorize healing items like bandages or medkits.


A way of saying a “Small Shield Potion”, which grants you 25 shield. This is because, well, it’s a mini bottle of shield.


Nerf serves as the antonym to “buff”. It’s when a character or an item in competitive gaming is overpowered and unfair to fight against, requiring a downgrade in the form of a nerf. The term MIGHT come from Hasbro’s Nerf Gun brand (They have partnered up in Fortnite before) that shoot soft and weak projectiles.


No-Scope refers to an elimination with a sniper rifle without using the scope. Acts like these can be seen as impressive to many because scoping on a sniper rifle makes targeting and eliminating enemies much easier.


Noob is a common gaming term. It refers to a player who either is new to a game and is picking up mechanics or a player who is so bad he plays like he’s never played before.


OG stands for Original Gangster (Or in Fortnite, Original Gamer) and is referenced a lot in gangsta rap or hip-hop. OG can refer to an older player (Usually since STW launch-Season 2) or a an OG item, like the Zapotron weapon, Recon Expert outfit or Raptor glider. Those are OG items. OG players are usually seen as experienced veterans and are treated with much more respect than new or middle-aged players.

One Pumped

A fancy way of saying “I got eliminated by a single Pump Shotgun bullet”, since shotguns are pretty powerful.

One Shot

You might hear this one a lot. When you’re in a team and a powerful enemy attacked you. You fought back and got him/her to one health point, leaving yourself knocked in the process. You scream to your teammates, “HE’S ONE SHOT!” This can sometimes just be convincing your teammates to take care of the threat and save you.


“OP” stands for “Overpowered”, when something is overpowered and requires a nerf or a heavy downgrade.


Phase refers to when players or enemies “phase” through your builds. Players complain about this a lot as it seems very unlikely that someone would slip into your build, but no, it’s true.


Ping can mean a lot of things. Ping can mean breaking or cracking something, like, “I pinged their shields!” Ping can also mean the level of your internet connection. If the Ping level is down, that means information and internet is easily being transferred. If it’s high, information is harder to send through, causing lag and slower internet. Pinging can also mean to ping or signal something via the pinging system from Season 8.


A short way of saying “public and traditional matches, like Solos and Squads”.


A fancy way of referring to the roof building piece, because it looks like a pyramid.


A brief way to say “Resurrect”. It’s quite common in competitive gaming, including stuff like Overwatch.

Rocket Riding

Rocket Riding was a trend in the early days of Fortnite. It involves the player riding a rocket. It’s pretty easy to understand. These stunts became very viral and in Season 3, Epic introduced a Guided Missile with a completely controlled rocket to use for rocket riding and controlled explosions.


I put “skin” on this list because it’s not the official term for outfits. Games like Minecraft and Overwatch popularized the term “skin”, and that lingo, along with other gamer lingo, transferred to Fortnite.

Spray And Pray

Spray and Pray is a fighting tactic, and a popular one at that. It became popular in Season 4 and 5 and it basically involves a player fighting back by rapidly “spraying” bullets at the enemy, “praying” he/she doesn’t get killed.

Stream Sniper

A Stream Sniper is a player who watches a streamer’s stream in order to hunt them down. A stream sniper will try to get into the same game as the streamer, and since he’s broadcasting his location in the game to everyone, the stream sniper can track down his location and “stream snipe” him or her. Stream sniping can sometimes be unintentional, however, I wouldn’t recommend it.


Sweats are players who are really good yet are negatively categorized because so. They can ruin a casual’s fun and stereotypically wear outfits like the Goalbound set, Aura, Dynamo and other thin female outfits. 


Tagged refers to hitting an enemy for a lot of damage, or “tagging” them. 

Third Party

Third Party refers to a player interrupting a duel and usually being the one to make it out alive. Third Partying is not very liked upon the community and is seen as rather toxic and annoying than as a good strategy.

Trump Tower

Trump Tower refers to the castle tower building that was in Tilted Towers, due to it’s similarities to the Trump Tower in Manhattan.


Yeet! or YA-YEET!, much like KOBE! is a word you say when throwing something. Unlike KOBE!, Yeet became well-known among the Fortnite community, so much so that in Chapter 2, Epic added the ability to yeet knocked opponents, or to throw them. We’re not sure about the origins of this versatile word.

That’s all the slang we’ve recorded! If there’s more words you want us to discuss, feel free to voice your opinion in the comments below, and we’ll get to you.

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