Fortnite Item Shop Guide And Features

The Fortnite Item Shop is one of the many features in Fortnite: Battle Royale. It serves as a marketplace to buy cosmetic loot and such, as well as bundles. Keep in mind the Item Shop’s sales are purely temporal. Nothing stays and everything comes and goes. The minimum time limit to purchase a cosmetic is within 24 hours, but sometimes cosmetics stay for a 2-5 days. However, bundles stay within a fortnight, or even longer! Nonetheless, this guide discusses many more details and features that the Item Shop has, as well as how to keep up with it every day. So in this guide, we do, exactly that. I will also link today’s Item Shop in a video so you can see it even if you’re not playing.

When Does The Item Shop Change?

The Item Shop in Battle Royale changes everyday at these times:

0:00 UTC

5:00 PT

8:00 ET

How The Item Shop Is Divided

The Item Shop is divided into many different categories for different events, but here’s the main rundown:

Featured | A collection of sets, usually 3 at a time, however some shops have expanded to include 4 featured sets.

Daily | A collection of around 3 items. These include 2 outfits, 3 emotes and one miscellaneous cosmetic.

Limited-Time Offers | A collection of 1-2 bundles and packs, which can only be purchased with real money. These bundles usually switch out every 2 weeks to 2 months.

Special Offers | A themed collection of outfits based off an event. During the Star Wars event, it was known as the “Star Wars Shop”, during the Love And War event, it was known as the “Love And War Shop”.

Community Choice | A voting system where players can vote for the outfit they want to see in the Item Shop next. The winning item will release and be available for 48 hours before another rotation. These happened every once in a while in Season X and Chapter 2, Season 1, and it seems like Epic has stopped doing these for no real reason.

Battle Pass | If you don’t have the Battle Pass, you can simply purchase the regular or Bundle version from the Item Shop.


Support-A-Creator is a feature in the Item Shop, Llama Shop and the Epic Games Store. It allows you to support your favorite content creator (YouTuber, streamer, etc.) with your purchase. Every purchase you make has profits go to that creator, which is how they make a living. Despite the fact that I create content, I do not have a creator code. But, when I get one, I will update this post so you can support me.

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