Roblox High School 2 – Classes List And Guide

Roblox High School 2 is extremely different from the prequel game and focuses on objectives and gameplay rather than aesthetic and roleplay. One of its new features is the addition of classes. While the original 2009 installment had classes on a rotating schedule, there wasn’t much to do in them other than roleplay as teachers or students. However, Roblox High School 2 has classes with legitimate objectives. In this guide, we go over what exactly those objectives are.


For art class, the students are placed in front of a canvas, and your goal is to recreate as many mosaics pictured on the side of the screen as you can. You’re graded on how many mosaics you actually complete.


For cooking class, the students are divided into duos and they must fetch ingredients from the various shelves and drop them off at their duos’ cauldron. Finding and dropping off 3 ingredients completes a recipe. You’re graded on how many recipes you complete.


For dance class, the students must press the buttons on their keyboard like Guitar Hero. The more buttons pressed on sync, the better your character dances. You are graded on how well you dance.

Fire Drill

While it technically isn’t a class, the fire drill is a random event, that, well, works like a fire drill. Your goal is to leave the school as fast as you can.


For lunch class, the students can relax, order food or just hang out. You’re not graded for anything in this class.


For maths class, the students are given a worksheet, in which they have 10-15 seconds to answer each of the 7 questions. The randomly-generated problems themselves are nothing too hard, because it mostly just covers the multiplication, division, addition and subtraction topics, but if you ever get stuck, you can have a calculator by you. You are graded on how many questions you answer correctly.


For P.E, otherwise known as Physical Education, the students are divided into two teams. It’s time for dodgeball! This class is wildly different compared to all the other ones, as it’s more action-focused. Your goal is to throw balls at other people and get them out of the match. If you’re out, you have to sit and spectate by the bleachers.

Performance Arts

For the performance arts class, the students are given a bunch of memory card activities that they must complete within a time limit. You get graded on how well you do with those games, and as someone who commonly took drama class in Year 7, I am a little bit disappointed on how they executed this class, but I suppose it would be hard to manage a play or performance in Roblox.

Science And Engineering

For science class, the students are divided into 2 teams. The goal is to collect as many screws and metal objects across the school as you can to beat the other team. You’re graded on how many pieces of metal you find. While I was expecting to have the class focus on the study of biology or chemistry, I suppose an engineering-themed objective wasn’t that bad of an idea.

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