Among Us – Essential Guide

Among Us has taken over the gaming world, and for quite a strange reason. It released in June 2018 by Innersloth but didn’t quite catch attention until August-September 2020 when big-name Twitch streamers and the popularity of Innersloth’s other game, The Henry Stikman Collection helped the game blow up. While the astronomical murder mystery premise is simple, there are a few things you need to know about Among Us before you start playing. So here is our essential guide!



Crewmate is the first team. 8-9 out of the 10 players are crewmates, and their goal is to tidy up the spaceship on the journey to civilization. They must complete tasks and finish up chores to keep the ship in it’s best condition. If they find a dead body, they must have a discussion on who they think the murderer is. If they die, they can still complete tasks.


Impostor is the second team. 1-2 out of the 10 players are parasitic shapeshifter alien impostors, and their goal is to discretely kill as many crewmates as they can. You have a cooldown after killing someone, so be sure to do your murderous tasks away from other witnesses. Because you cannot do crewmate tasks, you must pretend to do these chores so people don’t get suspicious and blow your cover. There are a few ways to keep calm and not expose yourself too much, like keeping quiet and never overly responding. If you want to have nothing to do with the crime scene after a bloody incident, there are vents or holes nearby that only impostors can hide in. But be sure not to use vents in front of other people. Impostors can also sabotage the ship, like causing reactor meltdowns, shutting down doors and trapping people, etc.


There are 3 maps in Among Us. They’re pretty simple and both look like something out of a space movie, and I expect more maps to come following this game’s popularity.

Mira HQ| A little space base with isolated hallways and a clean sky. Security systems include maps that tell you how many people are in each room and a device showing where people have gone in real time.

Polus | A lab of sorts located in a molten/snowy environment, much like World’s Edge from Apex Legends. Security systems include advanced security cameras and a device that reports if someone died or not.

The Skeld | A small and slightly damp spaceship. Security systems include a cameras all over the ship and a map to show where everyone is in real time.

Meetings And Communication

While playing, you’re obligated to keep quiet and not talk to anyone if you’re playing locally or on a service like Discord. Unless someone calls an emergency meeting, that is. Emergency meetings are meetings that are called upon if someone wants to discuss something suspicious, has found a body or knows who the impostor is. Players can vote on who they think the impostor is. There is a chat system exclusive to meetings and pre-game where you can, well, chat. You can also use Discord with your friends as an alternative. Meetings end with the person most voted getting ejected and dying, becoming a ghost, whether they were innocent or not.


There are __ types of cosmetics in Among Us.

Color | The primary color of your character.

Hat | The headgear you have equipped.

Pet | The little companion you have with you whilst playing.

Skin | The clothes you are wearing.

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