Rocket League: How To Claim Challenge Rewards

The Llama-Rama event started in Rocket League just recently, and with it’s new free-to-play model, more people are joining Rocket League than ever, especially Fortnite fans who want to play as a Battle Bus whilst playing Rocket League. But, Rocket League has a very interesting way to claim challenge rewards. In this guide, we show you how, because it’s a bit different than most games.


1. Visit The Challenges Tab

In the main lobby, you can press the right button on the Xbox One to view the challenges. If you’re collecting rewards from the Llama-Rama event, which you most likely are, head towards that section.

2. Claim The Rewards

From there, you will see the option to claim the rewards you’ve unlocked. Press A, or Circle, to claim them.

If there’s a blue buffering circle, exit the game and re-launch it. From there, complete step 3.

3. Visit The Garage

After that, you have to visit your garage and head towards the section that houses the reward you just claimed. For example, if you claimed the llama flag from the Llama-Rama event, you’ll head towards the antenna part of the garage.

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