Rocket League – Essential Guide

Rocket League is an extremely popular game, and it’s very different compared to the other popular games flooding the gaming world. The game has you take control of a car, as you must basically play a match of football, but instead of human players, cars and other crazy vehicles dominate the field. It’s a hybrid of sports and action games and is quite imaginative, so the wild premise is sure to leave you with a fun time! In this guide, we go over how Rocket League works.

How The Matches Work

After queuing the game up, you have the option to load into a match playlist. There are a few game types, ranging from free practices/training, to casual 4v4s, to competitive 1v1s, there are a ton of game modes to play. There’s also a variety of maps to be on, but they are just visual. After queuing into a match, you’ll come across enemy and teammate cars, but the main focus is the goal and ball. There are a ton of ways to get the ball. You can boost to get it towards the goal early, you can jump up and prevent other cars from scoring goals and more, so there are a ton of strategies you can form and create.


Rocket League allows you to create your own loadout, so to say, with your car. You can basically customize how you want your vehicle to look like, and that’s where cosmetics come in. Here is a list of all the cosmetic types currently available:

Antennas | A flag or antenna that is located on the left side of your car.

Bodies | The main body of your car.

Decals | The main design or pattern your car sports.

Engine Audio | The sounds your car subtly play.

Goal Explosions | The visual boom that you see after scoring a goal.

Paint | The basic color of your car, with it’s shades depending on the team.

Rocket Boosts | The visual trail your car erodes whilst boosting.

Toppers | A hat or helmet that can be placed on top of your car.

Trails | A glowing fire that comes out of vehicle at high speeds.

Wheels | A custom set of wheels for your car.

Cosmetics can be earned from challenges, the Item Shop, crates, competition and the seasonal Rocket Pass.

Events And Seasons

Many video games have limited-time events and seasons to give their game extra life and content. Games like Apex Legends, Fortnite, PUBG and Call of Duty all use seasons, and Rocket League is no exception! Season 1 began in September 2015, but the rebooted their seasonal run after Season 14, beginning with Season 1 all over again in September 2020. The game also had crossovers and events with all sorts of pop culture franchises, like Jurassic Park, The Fast and The Furious, Netflix’s Stranger Things and Fortnite.

Some Extra Things

Across the field, you will find boosts and other technologically advanced devices to help you score some goals. There’s also electronic music that plays in-game, particularly the music of Slushii, a DJ who works with Rocket League.

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