Fortnite: Creative – How To Create A Battle Royale

Battle Royale is arguably one of the most popular Fortnite: Creative genres, and while the genre is a little over-saturated, can put your Creative building skills to the test. Still, it can be a little fun to create an alternate version of Fortnite: Battle Royale, so in this guide, we go over the steps to plan and create a Battle Royale map.


Step 1. Plan Your Ideas

The first part is to plan your ideas. What should the name be? What should the map look like? What makes it different from other Battle Royales? What locations will you create? What’s the lore? This is your draft on what you want your Battle Royale to be like.

Step 2. Build The Base Terrain

After drafting on paper what you want your map to be like, create a new island for this. If you want to go above and beyond, which you should, you should go into the Kevin Floating Islands, and remove all of the floating islands. From there, you can now create custom terrain on the ocean. While the idea of custom terrain sounds scary, don’t worry! This video by YouTube user HunterFella demonstrates how you can create custom terrain. (His voice is very quiet, so put your volume up.)

Step 3. Create The Locations

After creating your empty island, it’s time to build the locations and landmarks. You want to use few prefabs and you want to make your POIs original, so try to experiment with some pieces and you create some pretty cool stuff. This video by YouTube user BluDrive explains how to design original buildings.

Step 4. Add The Loot And Mobility

Now that you’ve created buildings and terrain, you want to add loot. Now, there are two ways to add chests. You can either randomize the loot in a chest by placing down the chest gallery in the Devices tab, or you can pick what items you want by adding items to a custom chest. Add chests in hidden areas (Not in the middle of nowhere) and add 11-20 chests in each POI. Ammo chests are also important. You can also add any vehicle from Chapter 1 for extra mobility, like ATK golf carts or giant mech B.R.U.T.Es.

Step 5. Manage Devices And Channels

If you want your island to have more life, add devices and channels. The most important device for a Battle Royale is a Storm generator, and you can use the Storm beacon device to generate the default Storm radius, damage and other options. There is also an option in the menus to manage the channels you’re using, which is very important for any map.


  • Don’t try to add seasons or events or any other special add-ons immediately. Just focus on creating a good Battle Royale.
  • Try to use small props like spray cans lying around or burgers to add more decoration and attention to detail to your island.
  • Try to take as little inspiration from Fortnite: Battle Royale as you can. It will make you seem unoriginal.
  • Interactive and special features are very much welcome and more than encouraged!
  • Lore is a fun thing you can add. Just a backstory to how your island came to be. Just be sure it makes sense!

And there you go! Those are just some steps and tips on creating a good Battle Royale game in Fortnite: Creative!

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