Marvel’s Avengers – The Light That Failed Walkthrough

The story of Marvel’s Avengers is continuing and the second campaign mission is The Light That Failed, in which the 5 Avengers at A-Day are tasked to rescue citizens, battle enemies like Taskmaster and secure the bridge, helicarrier and city. In this guide, we go over the story and objectives for The Light That Failed. Credit to IGN for the screenshots.


During the Avengers Day ceremony and opening of the new Avengers headquarters in San Francisco, an explosion occurs by the Golden Gate Bridge. Thor and Iron Man check on it, who are later joined by the Hulk and Black Widow, the latter of which later battles Taskmaster. Meanwhile, at the new helicarrier, Captain America is battling some enemies when the whole carrier blows up, killing Cap.


First things first, we see Iron Man and Thor fly towards the Golden Gate Bridge. Thor, however, arrives at an urban street, clearly destroyed. This mission will basically go through the ropes of combat in this game, where you’ll learn to perform light attacks with X or Square, depending on your platform.

Marvel's Avengers 163.jpg

Afterwards, the game will teach you how to perform heavy attacks, holding Y or Triangle, depending on your platform. This will be useful with mighty characters, as you will need it to break barriers and blockades.

Marvel's Avengers 160.jpg

The next wave of enemies need to be defeated by throwing Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer. I really enjoyed this part, because it’s so fun throwing Mjolnir at someone, keep them there, perform some light attacks and summon Mjolnir back to smack someone in the head. Use L2 and R2 to throw Mjolnir, and L2 to bring it back.

Marvel's Avengers 162.jpg

After this, take out any other enemies and rescue a guy from the truck. From there, Iron Man will fly in, with you having to use L1 to trigger the Warrior’s Fury ability.

Marvel's Avengers 161.jpg

Afterwards, you can take control of Iron Man. He’ll be flying, of course, with the ability to shoot projectiles at enemies with R2.

Marvel's Avengers 159.jpg

After the flying segment, you’ll find yourself on the ground with more enemies. This is where the Unibeam ability comes in. Aim with L2 and press R1 to activate the beam.

Marvel's Avengers 158.jpg

Afterwards, you’ll need to hover using X to ascend and Circle to descend. Or, A and B on Xbox. Whilst hovering, use L2 to aim and R2 to fire projectiles against the bad guys.

Marvel's Avengers 157.jpg

Once the pulsar tanks are used, Hulk will become playable. Hold Square, or X, to grab enemies and Triange/Y to smash them onto the ground.

Marvel's Avengers 155.jpg

Take out the enemies and the tank shooting at you, whilst avoiding the dangerous red circles. From there, use A or X to jump to flat, scratched surfaces like on the trucks on the bridge.

Marvel's Avengers 154.jpg

Afterwards, you’ll jump off a small ramp and are asked to press Triange/Y in the air to smash some enemies. This is called an Air Smash. Take out the enemies and keep running, wall-grabbing when necessary.

Marvel's Avengers 153.jpg

When you reach the next wave of enemies, use L1 and R1 at the same time to trigger Hulk’s Thunderclap ability.

Marvel's Avengers 152.jpg

Run forward and Hulk will pick up a tank. Be prepared to kick the pilot and yeet the tank with R2.

Now we’re playing with Captain America on the helicarrier. Use R1 for his Steamroller ability and R2 to block attacks with the shield.

Marvel's Avengers 151.jpg

More and more enemies will come in, and you’ll have to use L1 and R1 to activate Brooklyn Brawler, another Cap ability.

Marvel's Avengers 150.jpg

A cutscene will play and you’ll then be playing as Black Widow. Run forward to him and you’ll end up tagging along on a jetpack ride with him. Press Square/X and Triangle/Y to beat him up.

Marvel's Avengers 148.jpg

After this, you’ll be on a small platform with limited movement. Taskmaster is flying back and forth with a laser sword of sorts. Dodge every time but make sure to shoot at his unprotected parts like his feet.

Marvel's Avengers 147.jpg

After enough shooting, you’ll be back on the ground, and your goal is to grapple, kick and shoot at Taskmaster whilst avoiding the dangerous spots.

Marvel's Avengers 145.jpg

The game will eventually tell you to use Black Widow’s Veil of Shadows ability. Press L1 to do this. Do this to cloak Black Widow and defeat Taskmaster once and for all.

Marvel's Avengers 144.jpg

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