Marvel’s Avengers – I Want To Be An Avenger Walkthrough

Marvel’s Avengers just came out, and the first campaign mission is I Want To Be An Avenger, which follows 11-year old fan fiction writer Kamala Khan at the Avengers Day ceremony with her father Abu. In this guide, we go over the story and objectives for I Want To Be An Avenger. Credit to IGN for the screenshots.


During the Avengers Day ceremony, otherwise known as A-Day, 11-year old Marvel-fan Kamala Khan and her father Abu accept a scavenger hunt to find 5 comic books and get access to a VIP balcony. Along the way, Kamala meets bullies, allies and even the Avengers themselves! After finding all 5 comic books, she meets up with Abu at the VIP balcony, watching Captain America give off a speech about the new San Francisco headquarters and their new helicarrier, just when trouble strikes.


Following the introduction cutscene with Abu and Kamala, you’ll take control of Khan herself, with a task: Check in at the Avenger’s Day Front Desk.

Marvel's Avengers - Walkthrough 1.jpg

Once you get the hang of controlling things, go through the tunnel north, where you’ll pass Avengers statues of heroes like Captain America and Iron Man, until finally reaching the front desk.

20200902131534 1.jpg

After checking in, the woman at the table will inform you about the comic book scavenger hunt going on. If all 5 comic books are found, you can have access to the VIP balcony. After that, head out via the large door and trigger your Tactical Awareness ability, which is usually the D-Pad on controller consoles. This ability will display objective markers and just anything interactive. Be careful, true believer, you may need this in future missions.

Marvel's Avengers - Walkthrough 3.jpg

The 5 comic books can be found at all sorts of different Marvel-themed panels. The first can be found at Widow’s Bite, a shooter-esque arcade game where you have to shoot orange and evil holograms but not the innocent green ones. Watch your bracer’s score! You need 150 points to win!

20200902132338 1.jpg
Marvel's Avengers - Walkthrough 4.jpg

After receiving the first comic, make your way down to the Retro Arcade. It’s pretty easy to find, as it stands out with it’s neon colors. Inside, you will find the Hulk Smash arcade game. Your goal is to smash the hardest whilst wearing Hulk gloves.

20200902134304 1.jpg
Marvel's Avengers - Walkthrough 7.jpg

After leaving the arcade and getting the second comic, walk towards the Iron Man Experience center where Dante can be found. Dante says he already has the third comic, and will trade with anyone who has duplicates.

Marvel's Avengers - Walkthrough 5.jpg

Inside the Iron Man panel, you can find the gloves Iron Man uses, in miniature form. Right around then, a cutscene plays with Thor coming in and interacting with Kamala.

20200902133809 1.jpg

After the cutscene, exit the area and use your new Tactical Awareness ability. The C objective should lead you to an old warehouse. Entering the room will trigger a cutscene, where Kamala obtains a new comic. She is then kicked out of the warehouse.

Marvel's Avengers - Walkthrough 8.jpg

Following that, Dante locates near the warehouse, ready to do business with you.

Marvel's Avengers - Walkthrough 9.jpg

To obtain the fourth comic, look for the Thor’s Hammer mini-game, a game, very similar to that of the Hulk one, where you have to lift Thor’s hammer. After attempting to lift it, you’ll get a comic book.

20200902192422 1.jpg
Marvel Avengers - Walkthrough 13.PNG

The final comic book can be found at the Captain America exhibition. Interacting with the comic book dispenser under Cap’s OG shield will trigger a cutscene, where Kamala fights back against some bullies. Cap and Black Widow are impressed, and will give you the final comic.

Marvel Avengers - Walkthrough 14.PNG

Once you have all 5 comics, meet Abu at the VIP entrance. As you near the entrance, a cutscene involving director Nick Fury, who looks very similar to his MCU counter-part.

20200902230616 1.jpg

After the cutscene, use your phone at the scanner to make it to the VIP balcony. The Avengers will then give a speech, but, if you want, you can just walk around on the balcony without a care in the world.

Marvel's Avengers - Walkthrough 12.jpg

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