What Happened To Movie Tie-In Games?

Back a decade or so ago, around 2006, every single major motion picture release had a console tie-in game with them. You’ve undoubtedly heard of them. Movies like Ice Age: The Meltdown, The Lion King and X-Men Origins: Wolverine all had tie-in console games. It was genius marketing. During the 2000s era when 3D gaming was becoming more of a thing, it made sense to create a tie-in game based off the movie you just watched. But now? Not so much. The pure thought of living the events of the movie was a genius idea because that could get companies so much money thanks to fans of a film. In this guide, we go over what happened and how they could come back.

What Happened?

Well, what happened can be determined by simply looking at the quality of the games. Most tie-in games were rushed and poor quality, to get it released by the game’s release. Creativity and actual gameplay wasn’t necessarily the top priority. It was about getting it released on time. And of course, people stopped buying them. And soon developers began realizing how much of a waste of time movie tie-in console games were. So eventually they just stopped in the 2010s.

What Happened Next

Nowadays, companies avoid the risk of creating a whole new console game by either creating a one-off mobile game or allowing Lego to create a game. Movies like Avengers: Age of Ultron, Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Incredibles 2 have all had Lego adaptations. The other way studios do it is to create a mobile game. Movies like How To Train Your Dragon 3 have a mobile game, because they’re are much easier to develop.

What We Need Next

I believe, personally, we should get more movie-based games. Not tie-in ones, per se, but ones that have actual effort put into it based off movie properties. EA Games is beginning to take advantage of the Star Wars license, and a new Harry Potter game has been announced. Jurassic World: Evolution was a very high-quality tycoon simulator that released when Fallen Kingdom came out, and it was the last tie-in console game I can recall from recent memory. What I’m saying here is that professional game companies need to take advantage of cinema. Rockstar would earn millions with an Indiana Jones or James Bond title! While I don’t care for Star Trek, more gaming representation of it would certainly please some people.

Overall, the message is that while movie-based games have failed in the past and wouldn’t work nowadays, there is plenty of potential for deeper and more memorable experiences based off film properties.

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