Jurassic World Evolution – How Tranquilizers Work

Tranquilizing dinosaurs is arguably one of the most fun and enjoyable aspects of Jurassic World Evolution. It’s just so much fun knocking the creatures you created out for a bit, and can sometimes be essential to the main objectives. In this guide, we go over how these drug darts work, because it’s going to be quite important.

Where To Find Tranquilizers

Tranquilizer darts are pretty easy to obtain. What you first want to do is go to your ACU station, which should’ve been built by now. Go the helicopter which is stationed right on top of the facility. From there, you can pilot the vehicle. Once you’re inside, you’ll see the option to bring out your dart gun, which you can use to snipe dinosaurs.

How To Tranquilize

With your gun, you can head towards wherever your target is, and starting shooting at it. Don’t try to aim for a specific spot, because the suppression of the sniper will send it somewhere else at a slightly different angle. While human NPCs cannot be sedated, dinosaurs can, and some need some more darts than others. Carnivores and larger dinosaurs require 3-4 darts to really get the sedation process moving, whilst smaller ones only need 1 or 2. And, please don’t waste darts. They cost points/money, which is very important in the actual game. Nonetheless, after the dinosaur gets hit by some darts, he/she will start feeling a little woozy. They’ll run around a little and fall down, completely tranquilized.

What Can Tranquilizing Be Used For

Tranquilizing can be used for selling and repositioning dinosaurs. You cannot sell or reposition live ones of course, so using medical drugs to make them fall asleep should do the trick. You’ll have to use this if a dinosaur escapes out of their pen and begins wrecking havoc.

How To Wake Up Tranquilized Dinosaurs

Alright, so you figured out how tranq darts work in Jurassic World Evolution. The problem is that your dinosaurs won’t wake up. Are they dead? Give them 49 more darts and they will be. But seriously, there’s an easy solution to waking up tranq’d dinos. First’s thing’s first, is you wanna set an ACU task at the ACU Station to transport a dinosaur, specifically, the tranquilized one. Then, place him right next to his current sleeping position and voila! He will awaken! Watch this video for more info.

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