Fortnite: Battle Royale – Storm Awakening Challenges And Guide

Chapter 2, Season 4 of Fortnite: Battle Royale has introduced a new type of challenges in the form of Awakening Challenges. These challenges come a few levels after a new outfit and usually revolve around that superhero. They have 2-3 little challenges involving that character (Visit X as Y, eliminate Z as Y, etc.) and the big reward from that is a new built-in emote to perform on the battlefield. Today’s guide is all about Storm Awakening.

Stage 1: Visit the Weather Station as Storm

The weather station is one of the better landmarks in Fortnite, and for good reason. But, because the Storm Awakening challenges all have to do with the Storm and weather, we’ll have to visit the Weather Station as Storm. Nothing more, nothing less.

Stage 2: Ride the Steamy Stacks in the Storm as Storm

Steamy Stacks is located by the northeast of the island, and is pretty easy to find. Visit the large power plant stacks (You know the ones) and go through them whilst in the Storm wearing the Storm outfit.

Stage 3: Emote as Storm at the Center of the Eye of the Storm

The Eye of The Storm changes every match depending on how the Storm wants to cooperate, so it’s not always in a single location. I recommend going into Team Rumble for this because the Eye of The Storm is so small. Once you arrive roughly around the center, there should be a big purple bolt waiting for you. Emote and then you’ll receive the Gale Force emote.

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