Fortnite: Battle Royale – Groot And Sapling Groot Awakening Challenges And Guide

Chapter 2, Season 4 of Fortnite: Battle Royale has introduced a new type of challenges in the form of Awakening Challenges. These challenges come a few levels after a new outfit and usually revolve around that superhero. They have 2-3 little challenges involving that character (Visit X as Y, eliminate Z as Y, etc.) and the big reward from that is a new built-in emote to perform on the battlefield. Today’s guide is all about Groot and Sapling Groot Awakening.

Rescue Sapling Groot From Holly Hedges Nursery

Sapling Groot, while small, can be found in Holly Hedges! Make your way to the depot-esque area where a bunch of plants can be found. Sapling Groot, however, is trapped inbetween a few plants. Rescue him to complete the challenge.

Stage 1: Plant a Seed on a Heart-Shaped island as Groot

The heart-shaped island is a new location/island of sorts near Fort Crumpet. It’s pretty easy to find, as it’s well, shaped like a heart. Just drop there and plant a seed to complete the challenge!

Stage 2: Emote As Groot At A Friendship Monument

Do you remember the Hayman and Pipeman from all the way back in Chapter 2, Season 1? Well, they have finally met up not far from the heart island, and are casually giving a high-five as a monument of friendship. As Groot, you must arrive there and use the new Battle Brother emote to summon Rocket Raccoon. Not only will you unlock keep the emote in your locker, you will also unlock the Rocket pet.

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