Fortnite: Battle Royale – She-Hulk Awakening Challenges And Guide

Chapter 2, Season 4 of Fortnite: Battle Royale has introduced a new type of challenges in the form of Awakening Challenges. These challenges come a few levels after a new outfit and usually revolve around that superhero. They have 2-3 little challenges involving that character (Visit X as Y, eliminate Z as Y, etc.) and the big reward from that is a new built-in emote to perform on the battlefield. Today’s guide is all about She-Hulk Awakening.

Stage 1: Visit Jennifer Walter’s Office As Jennifer Walters

In the Marvel comics, Jennifer Walters is a lawyer, and it appears that she has moved her office into Retail Row. The office is in the residential part of the POI. Simply visit the office to complete the challenge.

Stage 2: Eliminate 3 Of Doctor Doom’s Henchmen As Jennifer Walters

Doctor Doom has taken over Pleasant Park, naming it Doom’s Domain, building a large castle and hiring henchmen. Using the Jennifer Walters outfit, drop at Doom’s Domain and eliminate 3 of Doctor Doom’s henchmen to complete the challenge!

Stage 3: Emote As Jennifer Walters After Smashing Vases

There are a bunch of locations with vases, but one I recommend is Camp Cod. It has a few vases and it’s pretty lonely, so few people drop there. Find a vase, harvest it and use the newly unlocked Gamma Overload emote after smashing!

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