Apex Legends – The Broken Ghost Transcript

Season 05 of Apex Legends introduced quests as a part of the treasure-hunting theme of that season. Quests were basically mini campaigns that had episodes, or hunts, unlocked weekly, requiring treasure packs to fully complete. They had a backstory to them, with different exchanges being presented on-screen to represent the lore/narrative of the season. After reading the backstory, you were placed in the shadowy King’s Canyon, where you had to drop in, loot, evade evil beasts, dig up an artifact and evacuate. You also got rewards from this event, such as Weapon Skins and Charms. In this guide, we go over the entire transcript for the event.


Prologue – The Duplicitous Snake

Narrator | Unknown, revealed later

Loba Andrade has cordially invited some Legends to the Paradise Lounge, where Mirage serves pints, the locals serve side-eye, and the peanut shells on the floor are… intentional.

There’s eleven of us meeting in a private room in back.

And by “private room”, I mean the Men’s Room, with the urinals removed.

Loba: Thank you all for coming! You should be honored. I usually work alone.

Someone in the back snickers, then pretends to cough. We all know who it is.

Loba: Bangalore. . . need a drink, General?

Bangalore: I’ll pass. Need to keep my wits about me. This time of night, got some real shady elements in here.

Well, at least these two will be entertaining.

Loba: I won’t keep you then. Let’s get to it. I’m looking to add a rare and valuable treasure to my collection. And in return? You can make use of my various talents for… well, for whatever you desire.

Loba: Maybe you’d like to help your mom get better treatment, Mirage. And Lifeline, maybe your parents can finally pay for their war crimes.

Loba: I’m sure Caustic would love to address his pesky legal problems back on Gaea. It’s okay, Doctor. You’re innocent. We know.

Caustic: Excuse me, how did you–?!

Loba: It’s what I do. And right now, all that matters is what I can do for you.

Loba: But first, I need your help.

Is this chica for real?

All the flirting and double entendres and “je ne sais quoi”… are they falling for this crap? I expect that from the men, but scanning the room, the women have taken the bait as well.

They’re all idiots.

For obvious reasons, I am not affected.

Loba: However, there are two issues in terms of retrieving the treasure: One – it’s broken into pieces, scattered throughout Kings Canyon. And two. . .

Loba:  . . .it’s not in “our” Kings Canyon. Apparently, there’s a different. . . I don’t know, I guess you’d call it another. . . dimension?

An independent variable.


Loba: Luckily, one of us happens to have spent a short time there and is familiar with its. . . locals, so to speak.

Pathfinder: Me! It was me! And everyone was a shadow, and the dead walked around moaning all night. All my friends said I made it up.

Loba: Apparently you did not. Which is why you’re our guide, Pathfinder. And Wraith will be our way in.

Wraith: Hold up. I never agreed to–

Loba: Each of you is important. I ask you to work with me – together. We’ll go in at night, in shifts. Find each piece and bring it back here, where Crypto and Wattson can help assemble it.

Crypto: Assemble it? How do I know this ‘treasure’ isn’t some sort of trap?

Loba: Whatever it is, I’m sure you’re prepared enough to protect yourself. That’s why we need you. I’ve learned it’s some sort of tech – so who better than our premier hacker and most brilliant engineer to take it on?

Wattson: A chance to work together? Usually we’re opposed, but now we have the same. . . charge! Get it?

Loba: And obviously, we’d fail miserably without the guidance and leadership of our general, Bangalore.

Bangalore: Sergeant 1st Class will be fine, Loba. Not a general yet.


Pathfinder: I don’t think I like this. Last time I went to that Kings Canyon, Revenant was in charge. And he was scary – even more than he is now… and that’s a lot!

Loba: And that is why we must all make a pact. The demonio can never know what we’re doing.

Mirage: Cause he’d eat us?

Wraith: Because he’d want that life. That power.

Mirage: Right. Exactly… And then he’d eat us.

Loba: He can’t know. Play this close to the chest. If he finds out… It’s not good for any of us.

Mirage cracks a joke about how difficult that will be, since Revenant is the guy they all confide in. Everyone laughs. Mirage really is a funny guy.

We go around the room, everyone in agreement. The hunt begins now, and no matter what, we swear we won’t tell Revenant what we’re up to.

And I’ve kept my promise.

I didn’t tell you.

I discreetly wrote it to you in this message, Revenant.

Who am I? It doesn’t matter. What matters is you know the truth, felagi fighter: they’re all plotting against you. But you have the upper hand now.

High-five, bruddah.

Sincerely yours,

A. Smartypants

Chapter One – The Cranky Clown

Narrator | Mirage

So we had this meeting in the labra – lavri – the… place where you go to the bathroom. That’s ’cause at the Paradise Lounge, we don’t do “private rooms”. Here, we believe in being social… connecting with people… coming together as humans. Look, the point is….


Wraith: You’re in a bad mood.

Mirage: What? Yeah. No. Am not… what do you know?

Wraith: More than you might think.

Mirage: Here it comes. 189 Reasons why all the versions of myself are bummed out.

…I say as I hand Wraith her Appletini. (I know, right? I would totally make fun of her too, but I saw what happened to the last guy, and I like the idea of having kids one day, so I’ll stick with my poker face, thanks.)

Wraith: Only need one reason. It bothers you that Loba knows your Mom’s secret.

And that’s when it hits me. It bothers me that Loba knows Mom’s secret!

Lifeline: She knew ’bout my parents, too. More’n that, she knows how I feel ’bout ’em, and I don’ go spreadin’ that. I think she got dirt on all of us.

Caustic: She is similarly aware of the allegations against me – all patently false and absurd, of course. That these cretins continue to mistake me for a corpse is preposterous!

Octane: And what’s she gonna do for me, huh? Help me run faster? (Ey… can she do that?)

Bangalore: Bunch of marks. All of you.

Bangalore: She bats her eyelashes, and you all fall in line. Advancing into unknown territories to obtain some trinket – we don’t even know what this hunk of junk is.

Crypto: I’ve been studying it, and it looks like it’s encasing a matrix, but it needs its other half to fully–

Bangalore: That wasn’t a question. Only reason I went to that awful place was to make sure none of you ended up in a bodybag… or as Caustic’s latest experiment. No, instead we get to be Loba’s little errand boys.

Wraith: So what’s the plan? We walk away?

Bangalore: Then we’re more in the dark than before. For now, follow her lead… but we do our own private reconnaissance.

Bangalore: She’s not telling us everything. I overheard her talking to someone named Yoko at Hammond Robotics… about a meeting Loba had with the higher-ups there.

Octane: Yo, I’ve got a date with a girl named Yoko from Hammond. Think they know each other?

Wow, room got real quiet after that one. And Lifeline’s about two decibels too high when she says–

Lifeline: Yuh NOT goin’ on this date. Girl doesn’ deserve attitude like that.

Bangalore: Yes, he IS going. Never turn good intel down, and right now, your boy’s our only way to get out hands on some.

Bangalore: Octane, we need you to find out what this meeting between Loba and Hammond was all about. And I need proof, so she can’t deny the whole thing. Anything they’ve got.

Lifeline: Yuh gonna let this poor girl sit through the torture if this date for intel?

Octane: SHE’S tortured?! I have to wear PANTS!

I look to Wraith who’s watching Octane get bounced back and forth between Bangalore and Lifeline like a ping pong ball. She turns to me, shaking her head.

Wraith: And you think I’M intense?

I know better than to answer that question, so I say…

Mirage: I know better than to answer that question.

But Wraith has a point. I’ve never seen Bangs this worked up. If I were Loba Andrade? I’d be shaking in my thigh-highs. Because right now, I know two things: Bangalore won’t stop until she’s sent Loba Andrade packing…

…and nights like this are TOTALLY why I bought a bar!

Chapter Two – The Detached Chaperone

Narrator | Wraith

Mirage: Mirage for Wraith. I repeat, this is Mirage for Wraith. Do you copy, Wraith?

Today’s the day, I think to myself. Today’s the day I finally snap and kill him.

Wraith: Go for Wraith.

Mirage: …whatcha doin’?

Yup. Definitely the day I kill him.

Wraith: Same thing I was doing five minutes ago when you asked. Running surveillance on Octane’s “date”.

Mirage: Yeah? We’re fighting prowlers. Scary, nasty, rabid prowlers. It’s really exciting. Not as exciting as… chaperoning a date. But exciting.

Wraith: I’m turning on the recording device. Don’t radio in again.

Mirage: Is your heart racing? Is your adrenaline pumping? I need updates every 60 seconds!

Wraith: Here’s an update: it’s not going so well, and you’re not helping.

Mirage: Oh no! Is it an appetizer crisis?

Wraith: Good-bye, Mirage.

Mirage: Did he eat his salad with the wrong fo–?!

I disconnect the comm. Turn my focus back to Octane’s “date” with Yoko. She’s the Chief of Staff for Cheryl Amacci, who heads up Hammond’s legal department. Basically, she’s the woman who makes it easy for Hammond to get away with. . . everything.

And we sent in a guy with all the subtlety of a jackhammer. . .

Yoko: So you said you had a question about one of Cheryl’s meetings last week?

Octane: Cheryl Amacci, right? Yeah, she had some secret meeting with the new chick, Loba. I’m supposed to ask you what that was all about.

Note to self: Never send Octane undercover again…

Yoko: Oh, I see. So the only reason we’re out right now is so you can find out details about my boss’s meetings behind closed doors, and totally put my job at risk. Why am I doing this again?

Octane: Caaaaause… I can get Lifeline’s autograph for you?

Yoko: Why would I care about Lifeline’s autograph?

Octane: Caaaaause… I can get Bangalore’s autograph for you?

Yoko: For real? Bangalore never hangs around for signings after a match. That would be a collectors item for sure. Are the two of you friends or something?

Octane: Sure. Two peas in a pod. We’re like twins.

Damn, Octane. You make a terrible spy, but you stumble into wins more than anybody else I know.

Yoko: Well . . . you didn’t hear this from me. But my boss wanted to talk to Loba about what she was after in that warehouse under Skull Town: something called a source code.

Octane: Uh-huh. Cool.

Yoko: Apparently, this code was teleported out of the bunker by some kind of security system before Loba could grab it.

Octane: Awesome. Nodding head.

Yoko: My boss can get Loba the coordinates where the source code went. But she wants something in return. She wants– wait, did you just say ‘nodding head’?!


I rip the headphones off. Are my ears bleeding? Damnit, where’d that feedback come from?!

Mirage: Mirage for Wraith, do you copy?

Wraith: Damnit, Mirage! I said not to radio while I was working with the–

But what he tells me next stops me dead in my tracks. I waste no time, open a portal and appear behind Octane, startling Yoko.

Wraith: Change of plans. We gotta go.

Octane: Oh good. I was dying of bore–

But we’re already moving through the Void. I relay Mirage’s message to him. Two words that send a chill down our spines:

Wattson’s down.

When we get to Mirage’s bar, it’s chaos.

Wraith: What happened?

Loba: We were stationed inside the–

Wraith: Not you. Path, what happened?

Pathfinder: We were scoping out the nest. Wattson told us she was going to plant fences. We didn’t realize she went into the building.

Pathfinder: By the time we got inside, there was nothing to do but be sad.

Pathfinder: I’m still sad, friend.

I see Caustic standing over Wattson’s bed. I look to Pathfinder, confused.

Wraith: Not the guy I expected to hold vigil.

Pathfinder: He hasn’t left her side since we got back.

I don’t keep many friends. The girl in the bed is in my top three. Caustic acknowledges me with a sad nod of understanding. It’s a look I’ve never seen on his face before. It’s almost… sympathetic. To everyone else, he and I are outsiders.

To Natalie, we’re family.

Somehow, we got on the bad path. Now how do we get off it?

Loba: She’ll make a full recovery. What matters now is finding the other half of the Gemini–

Caustic has her pinned against the wall by the throat before I even realize he can move that fast.

Caustic: Should Ms. Paquette’s condition worsen, you will live out your days so unrecognizable, you’ll beg me for death.

She gasps when he drops her. Her hand presses to her throat as he storms out of the room.

Wraith: Is this all worth it, Loba? All these pieces? This artifact? Is it worth all this suffering?

Loba: It’s everything.

Wraith: Why? What is it?

Loba: I already told you, all I know is that it’s a piece of tech–

Wraith: I’m not talking about the artifact. I’m talking about the source code. What is it?

Her eyes go wide when I mention it. I struck a nerve. She opens her mouth, starts to say something, but…

…a different voice answers.

MY voice. Three words.

He’s above you.

And I know who it is before I even have a chance to look up. . .

Revenant: I have a better question, girlies… when were you going to tell me there’s a whole world out there where I’m worshipped like a god?

And as I reach for my kunai and try to piece together how long he’s been up there, I realize I was wrong earlier. This isn’t the bad path we’re on. . .

. . .we chose the worst path.

Chapter Three – The Liberated Narc

Narrator | Octane

If you tell anybody I said this, compadre, I’ll deny it… but right about now, I wish everything would just SLOW DOWN!

One minute I’m on a date, then I’m in the Void, now I’m in the bathroom at Mirage’s bar, Wattson’s unconscious, everyone’s losing their minds…and Revenant’s on the ceiling doing his creepy spider thing. And all I know is…

…I gotta get in on this action, amigos.

Loba: How the hell did you get in here?

Revenant: It’s a mystery. Maybe magic. Or maybe the front door.

Loba: But how did you know where we were?

Revenant: A little birdie told me. Wraith here knows all about little birdies, don’t you?

Loba: You told him?!

Wraith: No. Why would I?

He drops to the ground and I don’t know how he keeps his gears from grinding, but he doesn’t make a sound. It’s creepy. It’s way creepier how he’s leaning over Wattson.

Revenant: Looks like there’s a mole in your clubhouse, Loba. Skinbags… you just can’t trust them.

Loba: You’ve been spying on me.

Revenant: The information came to me. I never asked for it. It’s only been a few weeks, and you’re already rubbing people the wrong way.

Revenant: If you want some pointers about winning the gang over, I could’ve helped. All you had to do was ask. Just remember to say please first…

Wraith: Cut to the chase. What do you want?

Loba: That’s obvious. Declare war on the Syndicate and stage a coup, just like his shadow-self did. Or. . . maybe he thought he’d kill me first.

Revenant: I’m very busy these days, aren’t I? So many choices…

This punk slides one of his fingers over Wattson’s bed sheet. He’s messin’ with us, so why aren’t we messin’ with him?!

Revenant: A month ago, I didn’t even know I had a stalker. And now look at us, Loba. Like an old married couple.

Loba: I don’t remember you being this talkative when you murdered my parents.

Revenant: A lot’s changed since that night.

Loba: You don’t say.

Loba: Look, if you’re going to kill me, just–

Revenant: Oh, if I wanted you dead, you’d already be dead, and they’d all be fighting over your corpse.

Rev jumps up onto the bed by Wattson’s feet. OH, HELL NO!

Che gasps next to me. Other than Wraith’s kunai and Loba’s P2020, none of our firepower is within reach.

Revenant: The only reason you’re still alive is because I find this vendetta of yours adorable.

Revenant: Except now you care about spare parts more than me. And that’s got me curious. Why did you change gears so fast?

Revenant: Are you already bored with me? Because if that’s the case, I’ll just tear you apart right now.

He jumps off the bed with a snarl, landing directly in front of Loba.

Revenant: As for staging a coup. . . the other me can have his world. I can’t think of anything more pathetic than being King of the Skinbags. Besides, you’re far more interesting. . .

Loba: Look at that. Something we agree on.

He gets right up in Loba’s face, but she’s not backing down. This chica’s toast, Rev’s got his back to me, and I’m tired of standing around! There’s an RE-45 across the room. I move to grab it, and–

Bangalore: Your mama never told you no jumping on the bed, jackass?

What the–?!

Revenant: What the–?!

Bangs, Gibs and BH step out of Wraith’s portal, guns drawn.

Bangalore: Looks like our timing’s on point. Let’s show this FNG what happens if you don’t fall in line, ladies.

Revenant: You skinsuits ruin everything…

With one handwave he pulls his totem up from who knows where. Sucker! I can use that, too! I lunge for it, but Bangalore pulls me back.

Bangalore: Live totem! Nobody touch it!

COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!

When the smoke clears, Revenant is gone. And so’s my shot at some action.

Loba: Damn it, someone is feeding him information!

Bangalore: Don’t be so dramatic. This isn’t some telenovela. The Sim likes to lurk. He could have overheard any of us talking about the missions.

Bangalore: Doesn’t mean anyone’s a spy.

Crypto: Sounds like something the spy would say to throw us off track.

Bangalore: I’m not even gonna dignify that with a response. Sim’s messing with our heads. That’s what he does. End of story.

Bangalore: Report back here at 0-600. And be on your toes, ladies. If that last mission was any indication, this is going to get a lot messier.

Loba marches out, all kinds of mad, and everybody else shuffles out after. Well, almost everybody.

I’m loading up my STIM when Bangalore taps me on the shoulder.

Octane: That showdown with Señor Loincloth got me all charged up, and I have to wait a whole night? This blows.

Bangalore: Did you get the proof we need to expose Loba?

Octane: Yup! I got the whole story.

Bangalore: I need more than a story, I need proof.

Octane: Yeah, but that Yoko girl was dragging the whole thing out, and then Wraith heard about Wattson, and–

Bangalore: I need evidence. Not excuses. Go back to the girl. Get what I asked for.

Octane: I was thinking Mirage could do that, and I could go through the portal instead–

Bangalore: You’re not stepping foot through that portal until I’ve got the evidence. That’s an order.

She leaves, as I try to think of something badass to say back to her. That’s when Ajay slaps me on the back on her way out.

Lifeline: Quit your whinging, O. So you don’t get to play hero. You still have an important job. So what if yuh gotta look like an accountant to do it? Hah!

And she leaves me alone with no one else in the room but an unconscious Wattson.

Octane: Do you believe this, Wattson? Che is the closest thing to a sister I have… and right now? I kinda hate her.

Wattson: . . . . . .

Octane: I didn’t sign up to be a narc.

Octane: And I didn’t lie to my best friend and sneak ahead of two dozen people on a transplant list for these legs, just to end up in “pants” and “long sleeve shirts”.

Octane: Say what you want about Revenant, but he does what he wants, when he wants! Why can’t I?

 Octane: All I want to do is grab some weapons, and charge in there and kick some ass!

Octane: It’s time to get back to basics. ¡Solamente Octavio! ¡Jump first, think later! ¿Don’t you know I’m loco?

Octane: Last chance to stop me, Wattson.

Wattson: . . . . . .

Octane: Knew you were on my side. I’m going in and I’m not coming out until I have every last piece of Loba’s artifact!

¿What could possibly go wrong…?

Chapter Four – The Impromptu Kidnapper

Narrator | Lifeline

Lifeline: Get yuh sorry bum out here, SERGEANT! We gonna have a CHAT!

I’m bangin’ on Bangalore’s front door for a solid three minutes before she answers.

Bangalore: What is it, Ajay?

Lifeline: How’d that mission of yuh’s go this mornin’, hm? See any jump-pads lyin’ around?

I take the folded up letter that was taped to Wattson’s forehead and shove it into her hand.

Octane: It’s from Silva. Octane, since I know yuh never bothered to learn his proper name. READ IT.

She does. I know every word she’s peepin’. I read it a dozen times on my way here.

Octane (Letter): Hey Che, I finally figured it out. Why you all made me go on that date with Yoko. Sure, you said it was because I already had the date with Yoko.

Octane (Letter): But then I realized it’s because you were keeping me from my destiny. My Destiny to Defy Death. My Triple D’s.

Octane (Letter): I don’t sit on the sidelines well. So I’m going in anyway. Because I’m Octavio Silva and if I die today, at least I went out doing what I do best.

Octane (Letter): So if it’s curtains for me today, Che, I need you to know something…”

I snatch the letter back before she can turn it over. That part’s private.

Lifeline: He went into that mess and faced all those prowlers… by himself. Because of what yuh did. And now he’s missin’.

Bangalore: He’s Octane. He’s probably sitting in a tree, drinking a cold one, and tonight when he gets back, he’ll have a nice tan. If not, I’ll send an extraction team.

Lifeline: Yuh gonna send one now, is what’cha gonna do!

Bangalore: They need recovery time. You of all people should know that. I send them back in exhausted, more get injured. You want that blood on your hands?

Lifeline: Yuh want Silva’s blood on yours? Yuh owe me!

Bangalore: I don’t owe you squat.

She pushes me back, and slams the door in my face.

Lifeline: Hey! I’m not leavin’. Get back out here!

But she’s not comin’ back. Okay, Che. Ain’t got a lot of choices now. Time to do what needs doin’. I patch in to the bar.

Lifeline: Wraith? Che. I need a thing or two from yuh. . .

Wraith gives me everything I need on where to find Yoko. Figurin’ the girl knows who I am, but the face she’s got when she opens her door don’ look like she’s happy to see me.

Yoko: Another one? Don’t you Legends have lives?

Lifeline: Hey. Yuh probably ain’t up for listenin’, but I need yuh help–

She tries to slam the door, but I’m done with doors slammin’ in my face today. In a panic, I grab her by the wrist and yank her into the hallway. The door shuts and locks.

Yoko: You psycho! Let go of me!

Lifeline: Naw. Yuh comin’ with me.

Yoko: You’re not… are you… is this a kidnapping?

Well, yuh took it this far, Che. In for an inch…

Lifeline: Yuh seen me on TV. Yuh seen what I can do. Maybe I do worse right now.

She looks terrified. Not my proudest moment. But Silva’s life’s on the line.

When we get back to Bangalore’s, I bang on the door for a third time today.

Bangalore: Now what?!

Lifeline: Chill out, why don’cha! Yoko, meet Anita Williams. You probably know her as Bangalore.

Lifeline: Wraith filled me in. How yuh told O that yuh wanted a rare Bangalore autograph.

Bangalore: I don’t do autographs. What in the hell, Lifeline?! This is my home– 

Lifeline: Pay attention! Yuh give her yuh autograph, and she gives yuh dirt on Loba, so I can go save O. Everybody gets what they want, and I don’ wanna hear no backchat!

Lifeline: Maybe yuh don’ give a damn about him, but let me tell yuh somethin’: he put on pants for you, Bangalore. Sounds damn foolish, but for him that’s no small thing. He took yuh seriously.

Bangalore: Yeah, yeah, and I forced him to go into the portal alone– 

Lifeline: No. Yuh didn’t.

Lifeline: I did.

And so I show her the back of Silva’s note.

Octane (Letter): So if it’s curtains for me today, Che, I need you to know something… You cracking accountant jokes tonight hurt the most.

Octane (Letter): Guess this means I get to give you the silent treatment for a change, huh? Doesn’t make me feel better though. Maybe a good run will.

Lifeline: Jus’so, it’s my fault. All of it. And I’m sorry. But can we get on with it? There’s a fool’s life on the line.

I look down at the ground. D.O.C. whirs next to my leg. Ain’t a word said for a good, long time. Then. . .

Bangalore: You got something I can sign with?

Yoko: And I’ll tell you what I told Octane. About Loba.

And she does. She also uploads the transcript of the meeting. It’s everything Bangalore wanted and more.

Yoko gets her autograph, and I throw in extra for her troubles. When we get back to Mirage’s bar, the gang’s all there.

Crypto and Wattson are attachin’ the Retinal Array and– wait, retinal? Like eyes?

Lifeline: This thing has eyes?!

Gibraltar: Hah! I said the same thing.

Lifeline: Well, no time to twitch about it. Gibby, I need backup. We’re goin’ after Silva.

Gibraltar: Gibraltar’s always got your back, sistah.

As I head over to Wraith’s portal, I hear Bangalore makin’ her move.

Bangalore: Hey, Loba! We got business.

Loba: Do we? Fine. We can go somewhere private, if–

Bangalore: No need. Gather ‘round, Legends. I have a little something to share. The real reason we’re risking our lives out there. And it’s got nothing to do with treasure…

Seh one. Give her hell, Bangalore. For Wattson. For Silva.

I’m comin’ to getcha, O. And yuh better be in one piece when I get there…

…or I’ll break yuh myself!

Chapter Five – The Lying Liar

Narrator | Loba

I’m so close. Wattson has regained consciousness. She and Crypto have nearly finished assembling the artifact. Everything is going according to plan. In a day or two, I can wave goodbye to the Apex Games and get back to my life in the penthouse. This is truly my favorite place to be…

…on top.

Bangalore: Hey Loba! We got business!

This one again. Lovely. One of the people I’m most excited to leave behind.

Loba: Do we? Fine. We can go somewhere private, if–

Bangalore: No need. . .

Bangalore: Gather ’round, Legends! I have a little something to share.

Loba: . . .What?

Bangalore: The real reason we’re risking our lives out there. And it’s got nothing to do with treasure. Turns out Loba here is working on Hammond’s dime.

. . .No. I need to stop this, NOW.

Loba: Bangalore, whatever you think you know, this is hardly–

Bangalore: What? Don’t want everyone to know about your deal with the devil?

Crypto: What’s she talking about?

Loba: Nothing. She’s talking about nothing. Gossip and rumors.

Bangalore: I have transcripts, princess.

Bangalore: When you leveled Skull Town, you said you were taking down a warehouse full of Revenant shells.

Loba: Because that’s what happened. You all saw it.

Bangalore: But that’s not all of it. You were looking for something else. Something called a source code.

Loba: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Wraith: The girl from Hammond – Octane’s date. She mentioned a source code, too.

Bangalore: Let’s look at the transcript.

Bangalore: Right here, our Hammond rep says, “We know what you want, Miss Andrade. And that’s the source code. Fortunately, we know its location. We’ll give you the coordinates. But you have to do something for us.”

Wattson: Wait. All this. . . it’s for Hammond?

Bangalore: We’ve been doing their dirty work for them. Loba just made up the treasure story.

Mirage: Okay, I’m confused. I know, that never happens. But what’s the big deal, Bangs? You were IMC. Hammond’s IMC. So what if it’s for them?

Bangalore: Not this Hammond. I don’t know what they are, but they ain’t IMC. And that scares me. It should scare all of you.

Bangalore: They’re about to get their hands on something that potentially threatens all of the Outlands. That sit right with the rest of you?

Wraith: They could be conducting an experiment. . . and we’re the guinea pigs.

Bloodhound: Or a weapon that slatra all.

Pathfinder: Why lie to your friends, Loba? Why not tell us the truth?

Loba: You could never understand. You’re an appliance.

Mirage: Hey, leave that appliance alone! At least he’s honest. You could’ve trusted us…

Loba: Trust you? Trust YOU? That demonio has taken hundreds of lives. He took my family from me. And YOU fight beside him, shoulder to shoulder.

Loba: One of you was even kind enough to show your true colors. You betrayed me to him, and for what? The coins in his pocket? A premium spot on his hitlist? If I was stupid enough to trust any of you, the universe would have destroyed me long ago.

Wraith: Looks like we were stupid to trust you, too. Not anymore. What’s the source code do, Loba?

Loba: I finally have the secret to ending his miserable existence. If I tell you, he finds out. I’ll never–

Caustic: It’s his head.

. . .No. Damn it, NO.

Caustic: I had a short tenure at Vinson Dynamics. I am familiar with the intricacies of simulacrum programming.

Caustic: The “source” of a unit’s internal logic – the emotions, the memories, the personality – is the original human brain tissue, built into its cranial frame.

Caustic: But in Revenant, it would appear his original tissue… his source code… is external to the unit. Fascinating.

Loba: Damn you…

Loba: You’ve signed my death warrant. When the demonio’s little rat brings this back to him, he’ll kill me in my sleep. I can’t fail.

Bloodhound: Then do not sleep.

Crypto: Let’s get out of here. I’m done putting this puzzle together.

Wraith: I wish it was that simple. But we have to complete the artifact.

Bangalore: Hold up. You want to repeat that, headcase?

Mirage: Wraith, maybe try to read the room. Ix-nay on the keep collecting pieces-ay.

Wraith: Listen, we still don’t know what this thing does. If we don’t build it, Hammond will find somebody who will. And then we have no way to find out what they’re up to.

Bangalore: You want us to keep doing her dirty work?

Wraith: I want us to get to the truth. We build this thing, find out what it is… and we destroy it. Otherwise, everyone in the Outlands could suffer.

Just then, Lifeline and Gibraltar spill out from Wraith’s portal. They recovered another piece, and Octane. Most of him, at least. He’s lost a lot of blood. . .

 . .and he has no legs.

The others race into action, working as a team to save his life. For a brief moment, I’m forgotten. I turn around and come face to face with Bangalore. I feel my mouth twist, spitting venom.

Loba: Beautifully done. The spy will tell the demonio everything. And once he knows what I’m after, he’ll rip me limb from limb.

Bangalore: Guess you should hit the road then. Get a head start.

Loba: I’m not going anywhere. Not until that thing is dead.

Bangalore: Suit yourself. It’s your funeral.

As Bangalore walks away, I realize my fate is sealed. No allies. No back-up. I’m a dead woman. But if I go down. . .

. . .I’m taking that bastard with me.

Chapter Six – The Obvious Mole

Narrator | Crypto

I am an idiot.

I know that’s not true. I’m a genius. But the longer Wattson and I spend in the back of Mirage’s bar working on the artifact, the more I realize. . . I’m not even close to her level.

Crypto: And the Faraday Armature does what exactly?

Wattson: It does many things, but it mostly acts as a shield against a wide range of electromagnetic and electrostatic interferences, while also providing an ideal resonance environment for the core.

Wattson: But I don’t think it belonged to her. See these pins along the side of the armature? I think it was retrofitted.

Crypto: Her?

Wattson: Boys are loud and obvious. This artifact… it’s very coy. Mysterious. Definitely a girl.

Crypto: Aren’t you a smarty-pants?

Wattson: A what?

Crypto: You’ve never heard that before? My Mom used to say it all the time. ‘Aren’t you a little smarty-pants?’

Wattson: I never knew my mom. She died before my first birthday.

Crypto: I’m sorry.

Wattson: Thank you, but I’m not sad. I never knew what I was missing.

Crypto: You’re very direct.

Wattson: Smarty-pants usually are.

Crypto: You know…I’m glad Wraith convinced us to see this through. I like working with you.

Wattson: I like working with you, too. It’s fun to boss you around while I’m recovering. Can you get the SCOMP Housing Lifeline and Gibraltar brought back?

Crypto: Sure. Hack, watch her for me.

I get up as Wattson looks over at my drone, hovering perfectly still near my chair.

Wattson: Why didn’t you program Hack with a personality?

Crypto: It’s just a drone.

Wattson: A drone can still have a little fun. You should program it with some jokes. I could help you. I’m very funny.

Crypto: 좋아, I’ll think about it. Where did Gibraltar put the housing anyway?

Wattson: Dat’a way.

She giggles, and I can’t help it. I smile. Can’t remember the last time I did that. “Data” way. Heh.

I pass through the bar. Caustic is discussing the artifact with Bloodhound. Loba sits at the bar, her gun on the counter in front of her. She’s been alone since she got here this morning. No one has said a word to her.

She’s trying to look calm. Put together. But I can see the way she flinches at every sound.

I see Gibraltar and Lifeline finishing up the repairs on Octane’s legs, as their patient lies on the bar. Unlike Loba, they’re not even trying to look calm.

Octane: Gibby, dude, don’t you pick up busted people for a living? That’s my ankle, not my thigh. Who else’s put together all wrong ’cause of you?

Gibraltar: Haha, like no ankle I’ve ever seen.

Idiots… but at least they’re entertaining.

Crypto:초기요, where’s the part you brought back from the Void last night?

Gibraltar: Lifeline’s gotcha, bruddah. We’re working like a well-oiled machine.

Lifeline: Ungrateful thing, ain’tcha, Silva? Don’ go hasslin’ the folks who are willin’ to fix yuh when yuh bust yuhself up.

Octane: Huh, did somebody leave a window open? I feel like there’s a bee buzzing around in here.

Lifeline: I said I was sorry, ya sprat. More’n yuh ever did when yuh were in the wrong.

Octane: Wow, that bee is REALLY loud.

Lifeline: How ’bout Gibby leaves yuh to walk around on yuh stumps, hmm?

Octane: Ha! Then I’ll just ride D.O.C. around. You can’t hit the brakes on the Octrain.

Lifeline: So yuh ears do work! I swear, yuh a menace what needs to be locked up.

Octane: YOU’RE a menace. . . what. . . needs to be locked up.

I share a look with Gibraltar. He smiles. He has a lot more patience than I do.

That’s when we hear it. . .

Wattson: AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Revenant (Drone): I see you’re doing well. Shame.

We all spin around, toward Wattson and my workstation, and are greeted by something… confusing.

My drone has Wattson backed up against the wall. Revenant’s voice is coming through its speaker.

Revenant (Drone): This thing doesn’t have sharp edges. What’s the point?”

Crypto: Hack, 그만해!

Loba: Crypto! What’s going on?! How did he hack into the drone?!

Crypto: I don’t know. Hack isn’t… hackable.

Revenant: Got a new message from my little friend and thought I’d check in with my favorite pack of skinbags.

Revenant: I hear you found something that belongs to me, and I’d like to give you. . . a piece of my mind. Get it, Wattson? Huh? Get it?!

Wattson whimpers, as the drone suddenly flies over to Loba.

Revenant: You thought you were so clever. . .

Loba: Get out of my face, demonio.

She turns away. Hack darts around and hovers an inch from her nose.

Revenant: You had me tagging along, helping you find the one thing that can destroy me. And just as you’re about to get your hands on it. . . your new friends betray you.

Loba: Bastard. I’ll–

Revenant: Hold that thought, girlie. I wanna do this face-to-face. I’ll see you soon. Very soon. . .

Hack drops to the ground.

Bangalore: Nobody move.

Loba: Crypto, how many people have been near your drone in the last 48 hours?

Crypto: No one. Just me and Wattson.

Loba: You’re sure?

Crypto: Of course I’m sure.

Wattson: That is not the kind of personality I was talking about, Crypto!

I look at Wattson. She’s shaking. I reach out to console her, but she recoils.

When she finally looks at me again, there’s something in her eyes I don’t like.

It’s in everyone’s eyes when I lift my head. I know that look.

Crypto: Wait… you think I did this? Why would I let Revenant have access to my drone?

Bangalore: You wouldn’t. . . unless you were already working together. Unless you are the mole.

Yeah, I know that look. Too well.

I was not prepared for this.

Chapter Seven – The Shattered Spirit

Narrator | Wattson

When it was just me and Papa, he taught me about everything from currents and conductors to protons and electrons.

But he never taught me about betrayal. He once said the world could be cold and harsh. I thought I understood what he meant by that. I realize now there’s a lot more to learn about the world.

Crypto: You think I’m spying for Revenant?

Bangalore: You’re telling me there’s someone else out there who can hack your drone?

Crypto: I. . . I don’t know. There might be a way to hack into… Hack.

Octane: You named your unhackable drone, Hack? C’mon, amigo. You’re asking for it. 

Crypto: We can discuss how bad I am at naming things later. Wattson, I’m not an idiot. If I was the mole, why would I make it so obvious?

He does have a point. Using his own drone would be foolish if he was the mole.

Caustic: A convenient argument. Brilliant, in fact. Make it so obvious you’re being framed. . .

Caustic: . . .that your name is immediately removed from the equation. It’s marvelous.

As fingers continue to point, Wraith’s portal opens. Mirage, Wraith and Pathfinder return from their mission.

Mirage: Who wants an Iacom… Idiocom… Path, what’s this thing again?

Pathfinder: An IDCOMS frame! I have one and it helps me talk to you!

Mirage: Who wants a big mouth? Hey, you guys look super-serious. What’s going on?

Bangalore: Crypto here was just about to explain why he’s been spying on us for Revenant.

Mirage looks from Bangalore to Crypto… and bursts into hysterical laughter.

Mirage: This guy?! He’s a lot of things, but a spy for the Murderbot?! Gimme a break.

Bangalore: You’re defending him? I thought you hated him.

Mirage: Hated who? The kid, or the robot? Fine, if I have to choose. . .the robot has the lead, but only by a hair.

Pathfinder: Yay, me!

Mirage: Not you, tin can. The other robot I hate. Crypto’s not the supervillain, he’s just a twenty-something pain in my butt– 

Wattson: Thirty-one.”

Mirage: A thirty-something pain in my HOLD ON A SECOND. You’re a year older than me? And you call me ‘old man’?!

Crypto: I don’t really think that’s important now.

Mirage: Yeah, scratch that. He’s totally a spy.

Crypto: This is crazy. Why would I help him? What could I possibly gain?”

Caustic: The Syndicate.

Crypto’s face goes white as a sheet. Dr. Caustic is onto something.

Caustic: You want to destroy them for reasons that are your own. Revenant wants revenge on his former employers. It makes perfect sense for the two of you to pool your resources.

Caustic: You’re the brains. He’s the brawn. Together, you’ll bring the Mercenary Syndicate to its knees.

Caustic: You just need the artifact to do it. You have no intention of giving it to Hammond. You’re keeping its power for yourself. It all makes perfect sense.

You can hear a pin drop. And then Crypto says, in a low whisper…

Crypto: 아니. It’s you.

Caustic: Pardon me?

Crypto: You’ve been preparing that speech. It’s you who is the spy.

I look to Dr. Caustic. I know he has issues with other human beings, but this seems like far too complex a web to spin. And for what purpose? Caustic sighs.

Caustic: I don’t need preparation to verbally spar with you. I admire your attempt at circumvention, but it’s too late for a bid so desperate. I have no motive, and no reason to frame you.

Mirage: So what do we do to spies, huh? I’ve got some ideas, but first, we’re going to need a pumpkin.

Loba: There’s nothing to do. Revenant knows everything, and he’s coming for me. Nothing changes that.

Bangalore: If you leave now, you can get off-planet before nightfall. 

Loba: You actually think I’ll get that far? He’s probably already at my ship, waiting for me in the shadows. Time to see if all my training is worth a damn.

Loba starts to leave, but Bangalore stops her.

Bangalore: Hold up.

Loba: You’re not seriously going to act as if this wasn’t what you wanted all along.

Bangalore: I didn’t want you dead. This whole plan went sideways.

Loba: Well, we don’t always get what we plan for. Do we?

Loba: Don’t worry too much. I’d hate to see you lose sleep over sacrificing one of your own for the greater good. . .Sergeant.

She tosses her bracelet out the window, and with a literal flash – she’s gone.

Mirage: Okay, so should I just go get the pumpkin? No? Yes?

Crypto: Wattson. . .Natalie. . .please. I would never–

Caustic: You have overestimated your own intelligence. She is not falling for your tricks.

Crypto: MY tricks?

Gibraltar: Bruddahs, I think we can talk this out. 

Wattson: No more fighting.

Wattson: I don’t care who did it. I just. . .I just want to go somewhere quiet.

Wraith: I’ll take you, Nat. 

Wattson: Thank you, Wraith.

Crypto: Wraith, please–

Wraith: We’ll sort this out. You have my word. But for now, she asked for space.

Crypto nods, and steps back to let us pass. He looks at me with pleading eyes. I don’t make eye contact. But I can still feel him looking at me.

Wraith leads me out, and I think how lucky I am to have a friend like her. Not everyone is who they seem. I trusted somebody I shouldn’t have, but I don’t know who.

The world is cold and harsh indeed, Papa… I should have listened. But now I know.

It’s a lesson I’ll never forget.

Chapter Eight – The Unwavering Protector

Narrator | Gibraltar

Long as I can remember, I called everybody who crossed my path “bruddah”.

To me, we’re all part of the brotherhood of humankind. “Bruddah” is family. And if there’s one thing you always do for your family…

. . .it’s protect them. Gibraltar will put this family back together. But first. . .

Gibraltar: Hey, bruddah. Why don’t you come back inside for a drink?

Caustic: I don’t think so. The balance has been restored. And its variables revealed. She is protected now from the hacker’s distraction. That’s what matters.

Gibraltar: I just feel bad, y’know. I remember being their age. 21… 22… not a care in the world. Doin’ whatever I want. You remember those days, Doc?

Caustic: I assure you, we had very different life experiences.

Gibraltar: I’m just sayin’, these kids? The Legends? They face death all the time. They got more on their plate than we did at their age.

Gibraltar: I hate seeing them have to deal with even more piled on, y’know? Y’know what I mean, Doc?

Caustic: I don’t concern myself with the childish affairs of adolescence.

Gibraltar: Then you might wanna concern yourself with this: I look out for the little guy. Always have, always will.

Gibraltar: You might think I’m just carefee, jolly ol’ Gibraltar. Heh. But when it comes to bullies, I stand up. Ain’t nothing gonna move me.

Gibraltar: You hear me, bruddah?

I stare him down. Don’t even blink. Don’t have to. He holds the stare.

Caustic: What an insipid display of machismo. Perhaps you should consider if what you protect is worth the energy.

Gibraltar: Can’t say I take your meaning, bruddah.

Caustic: Consider Ms. Paquette. She has a mind of pure, natural genius. Anything that distracts from her work does a disservice to us all.

Caustic: It is within my power to protect her time and energy for the greater good. So I take the necessary steps.

Gibraltar: She didn’t ask for your help.

Caustic: But she asked for yours?

Gibraltar: Protection is one thing. Manipulation is another. What you’re offering is the last thing she needs.

Caustic: Interesting, coming from you. A sworn protector of the innocent, competing in a bloodsport.

Gibraltar: This isn’t about me. It’s about you pulling strings that don’t need pullin’.

Caustic: I am nothing more than an observer. A man of science – and THAT is what I wish to preserve.

Caustic: Crypto’s influence on her had to be stopped, so that she may continue on her path to greatness. A loss of her life would be a loss for science itself.

Gibraltar: You told Revenant what we were doing, just to keep Crypto away from Wattson?!

Caustic: I told Revenant everything because Loba Andrade was digging into our pasts and unearthing skeletons best kept buried.

Caustic: When I saw the bond forming between Crypto and Ms. Paquette, I took action to cement my innocence and ensure she stays the course. Multiple birds. One stone.

Caustic: You require confession? Here it is: I did it. I’m the mole. Are you satisfied now?

Gibraltar: How do you sleep at night?

Caustic: Soundly, I assure you. She stays focused on her work, and technology continues to progress. I’m sure you can appreciate that. A temporarily broken heart is a small price to pay.

Gibraltar: You’re hurting innocent folks.

Caustic: Those who contribute less. Who ARE less. You can try to protect them, but in the end, they will fall, and you will be left with nothing.

Gibraltar: We’re all worth something – even you, bruddah. I know we’re stronger together.

Caustic: Do you? Perhaps you should look at the evidence laid before you, rather than ascribe blindly to your own banal fantasies.

The doc gets himself a bit too close for even my comfort.

Caustic: They’re all gone, Gibraltar. Off on their own separate ways. Alone with no one to protect them. And I hate being the bearer of tragedy, but they don’t give a damn about each other. They never will.

I won’t step back. I won’t back down.

He doesn’t win this.

Gibraltar: I ain’t gonna stop lookin’ for the sunshine – no matter what cloud gets in the way. Gibraltar will bring them back. They’ll come.

Caustic: Faith? Hm. Fascinating.

He chuckles as he leaves. The doc’s got a way with gettin’ in your head – I’ll give him that much, but he’s wrong. He has to be wrong. . . And I have to prove it.

So, I put the call out. Every member of the team, meet back at the bar. I know they’ll come. We’re better together – they know that.

I hope.

This bar is pretty empty. Quiet. Hard to ignore the minutes ticking by.

I’m no stranger to dark times, but I know there’s always some crack of light that makes its way through. All you gotta do is find it.

And that’s when the door opens…

Bangalore: Good. Someone with a brain. I need you to look at this. Bloodhound came back with another piece. The Parietal Shell.

Bangalore: Is it me, or are we just building one of Revenant’s heads?

Gibraltar: Maybe it belongs to that Shadow Revenant that rules the other Canyon? Sounded like he was losing his head.

Bangalore: All this for a damn duplicate. What a joke.

Gibraltar: I dunno. I think that head’s got one more surprise up its sleeve. We’ll figure it out after the others get here.

Bangalore: Don’t expect that. They’re all scattered off to get the last piece on their own. Finish this nightmare for good.

Gibraltar: They’re not coming? And what about you?

Bangalore: No one’s coming, G. And I got somewhere else to be. You got this?

Gibraltar: Yeah. . . I guess.

Where else could she be going, armed like that? Unless…

Gibraltar: You’re going to her, aren’t you?

Bangalore: I don’t speak in riddles, G.

Gibraltar: You’re going to help Loba.

Bangalore: Look, she’s still trouble, and I want her gone. But no one goes down on my watch. It’s my fault she’s in this mess. Either I bring Loba back alive… or the Sim back dead.

Bangalore: Either way. . . this ends tonight.

And there it is. Ever so small: the crack of light. Better together…

…it’ll shine bright another day.

Chapter Nine – The Broken Ghost

Narrator | Bangalore

Truth is, this time, I was the FNG.

I prioritized myself over the mission. I let my emotions get in the way. I put a target on Loba’s back, and this is my way of making it right.

I position myself from a high vantage above her ship. Auxilliary power is on, so I know she’s inside. After a few moments, the hatch opens and she steps out into the night air. She takes a deep breath. Could be her last.

Loba: I know you’re there. I can feel you.

For a second, I think she’s referring to me. Until I see a shape unfurl itself within the branches of a nearby tree, about two hundred meters from me.

Nearly seven feet of bone-thin simulacrum lands in front of Loba, towering over her.

She draws her gun.

Revenant: What – no backup? How disappointing.

He doesn’t know I’m here. Or if he does, he’s pretending he doesn’t. I don’t trust a word that slithers out of his vocal processor.

Loba: Let’s get this over with, demonio.

Revenant: I prefer to take my time. I’ve been looking forward to this for so long.

Loba’s slick. I don’t even notice the button she presses with her free hand on the side panel of the landing gear..

Auto turrets appear from the side of the ship, aimed directly at him.

Oh, yeah. I misjudged her.

Loba: You’ll come back. You’ll always come back. But at least I’ll have a head start out of here.

Revenant: Loba, Loba, Loba… you’re so dramatic. I didn’t come here to kill you.

Loba: I find that hard to believe. What else are you good for?

She clicks the safety off as he steps towards her. I have him dead in my sights. Between the two of us, there’s nothing that can stop a bullet from taking him down.

Revenant: I came here to help you.

Nothing… except that.

Loba: How stupid do you think I am…

Revenant: Oh, it’s just the opposite. Do you think you’re the first person to come looking for revenge? I’ve been around for over three hundred years. You’re not that original.

Overwatch: You’re not even the first to use snipers as overwatch.

Damn it.

Revenant: But you’re the first to actually get a lead on my source code. You’re the one who can end all of this.

Loba: What the hell are you talking about?

Revenant: Do you know what it’s like to take your last breath? Of course you don’t.

Revenant: You struggle, make bargains with invisible gods, but ultimately, you lose, and there’s nothing that can stop you from disappearing into the abyss. And if you’re me, you get to experience that over and over again.

Loba: You’re… afraid.

Revenant: You’re not listening. They wiped my memory clean, so every time I experienced it, I thought it was the first and only time. Except the program glitched. Three hundred years of death, of fear, of terror all rushed back in a single, solitary second.

Revenant: It’s hell. Every second of my existence is hell.

Revenant: But the one piece of programming that didn’t fail? I can’t harm my source code. Physically incapable. Hilarious.

Loba: So why not just find somebody to do it?

Revenant: Gotta know where it is first. What do you think I was looking for when I broke into all those Hammond facilities?

Revenant: Nobody I interrogated ever knew where it was. Until you. You’re the one, Loba.

Revenant: For lack of a better word? You’re my savior.

Loba: …This is–

Revenant: This is FATE. I’m going with you. Wherever the source code is, I want to be there when you put a bullet in it. 

Loba: You don’t want me to kill you. You want me to… euthanize you?

Revenant: Three centuries ago, I was supposed to die. Think of this as fixing a clerical error. Putting a ghost to rest. 

Revenant: We both get what we want. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

Revenant: Just saying the words out loud makes me feel almost… happy.

Loba doesn’t say anything. She stands there, stunned.

Revenant: I look forward to hearing from you when Hammond sends those coordinates..

As he turns to go, he barely glances upwards in my direction.

Revenant: See you on the field, soldier.

Loba doesn’t bother looking my way. She watches him disappear into the night. I drop down to the ground. Neither one of us says a word at first.

Loba: Missed your shot. You could’ve taken out “the bad guy”.

Bangalore: Yeah, well…get back to me when you know who that is, and I will. 

Before she can reply, a call is patched through my comm. Talk about bad timing.

Bangalore: Can’t talk, Gibraltar.

Gibraltar: Then listen. We got the last piece. The faceplate. And you’re not gonna believe what this thing actually is. Get back here STAT.

Bangalore: Copy.

Gibraltar: And Hammond called. They said deliver the device to the coordinates they sent over, and Loba’ll have the location of the source code.

Bangalore: Solid copy. Over and out.

Loba looks like she’s just been hit by a freight train.

Bangalore: You heard the man. Mission accomplished.

Loba: Yes. I’m going to have my revenge… by being the answer to his prayers.

Bangalore: What are you going to do?

Loba: For the first time in a long time…

Loba: …I don’t have a clue.

Epilogue – Dust To Dust

Octane (Chat Room): psst

Octane (Chat Room): i said psst

Lifeline (Chat Room): It’s a chat room, Silva. Yuh can just type.

Octane (Chat Room): and I wanted to type “psst”. so what? anything else u wanna criticize?

Lifeline (Chat Room): What do yuh want? I’m still mad, in case yuh care to know

Octane (Chat Room): A bigger halfpipe in my backyard and a purple bunny named Flippers. r u joking right now?

Octane (Chat Room): that head didn’t freak u out?!

Lifeline (Chat Room): Course it did. Dun matter tho.

Octane (Chat Room): So what are we gonna do about it?

Lifeline (Chat Room): Gonna keep our mouths shut is what.

Octane (Chat Room): We’re not goin there r we?

Lifeline (Chat Room): We go where the Games go. Dun whinge bout it.

Octane (Chat Room): OH HELL NO. We CAN’T. u heard what the head said. “Darion.” “Duardo.” It knows!

Lifeline (Chat Room): Stop yuh yellin’.

Octane (Chat Room): CAPITAL LETTERS AREN’T THE SAME AS YELLING. It knew their names!

Lifeline (Chat Room): It also tried to be a ‘wee bit’ Scottish. S’gibberish, ‘dearie’.

Octane (Chat Room): how did it know their names? and u know what those numbers mean. don’t pretend u don’t.

Lifeline (Chat Room): Yuh can’t be sure. Could be nothing.

Octane (Chat Room): no way. u wanna deal with them? I don’t. Just hearing their names makes me want to run. More than I usually want to run.

Lifeline (Chat Room): If we go to Olympus, we go to Olympus. Buck up. Now I gotta go.

Octane (Chat Room): che? che, don’t sign off! che!

Octane (Chat Room): we gotta tell the others. to them, it’s just another place in the Outlands, but to us…

Octane (Chat Room):…it’s home.


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