Fortnite: Battle Royale – What To Do In Party Royale

Party Royale is the latest addition to Fortnite, and it released during the COVID-19. Taking inspiration from VR Chat and Roblox, Party Royale serves as Epic’s ideal social hub to relax with friends, enjoy free, and live entertainment and to just relax. A lot of people are confused as to what this gamemode really is about, so in this guide, we go over all the things to do in Party Royale. 

Locations And Landmarks

The island of Party Royale is different to that of Athena, Apollo or the Creative islands. This new island, Papaya, shares the terrain that Apollo uses and has similar assets to that of the original Fortnite: Creative models and the Neo Tilted/Mega Mall POIs from Chapter 1, Season 9. The different areas have a tropical/futuristic theme to them, and they have a bunch of little areas to explore. While only 3 of the areas listed are actual named POIs, I included 2 landmarks that I think should be named POIs.

Buccaneer’s Bay

First off is Buccaneer’s Bay. Continuing Battle Royale’s alliteration trend, Buccaneer’s Bay depicts a small pirate bay and a grand pirate ship, that is identical to Blackheart’s ship introduced in Season 8. The pirate ship is the main deal, as it has the cannon vehicles from Season 8 and a large body of water. 

Main Stage

Next is the Main Stage. This POI is by the east beaches of the island, and feature neon walls and floors, complete with a screen and 4 dancing holograms depicting the Sparkle Specialist, Bunnywolf and Bubble Bomber outfits performing various emotes like Scenario. The fan-made loading screens that began releasing in Season X flash on the screen, with various lobby tracks playing in the background. This is also the area where musical artists like Diplo and Major Lazer perform concerts.

Quadcrasher Motorcross

Next is Quadcrasher Motorcross. This landmark is a rather large garage containing Season 6’s Quadcrashers, which can be spawned here. There is also a dirt track by the area to practice racing with. There is also a second floor containing extra loot and items, but we’ll get to those later.

The Big Screen

Next is the Big Screen. This POI is by the west cliffs of the island, and depict a rocky seating area with a holographic screen, much like the one seen in the Live At Risky live event from a few seasons back. This POI is used to feature videos, trailers and movies. The Big Screen’s selection of played videos is wide, ranging from Black Lives Matter broadcasts, to short films to full-on Christopher Nolan movies!

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The Plaza

Finally, we have the Plaza. The Plaza is meant to be the central POI and depicts a neon, futuristic street, with restaurants and stores based off the Durrr Burger, Taco shop and Sticks restaurants. Vending Machines and Locker Booths spawn here quite often, and it’s usually where you end up after queuing into the gamemode. Despite it’s popularity, no events have happened here.


Items in Party Royale are very passive and simple, and they can only be found in Vending Machines or via fishing. The following are all the items you can use in Party Royale:

Burger | Works just like the Fancy Burger toy from Season 7’s Battle Pass, creating a mess on impact.

Crash Pad | A large bouncy pad that allows the player to bounce up upon impact.

Fishing Rod | Pulls out an item from fishing spots and can be used to pull items towards the user.

Grappler | Pulls the user towards a player or prop.

Green Paint Grenade | Douses green paint at anyone/anything upon impact.

Green Paint Launcher | Launches green paint at anyone/anything.

Jetpack | Allows the player to hover for a little bit of time.

Orange Paint Grenade | Douses orange paint at anyone/anything upon impact.

Orange Paint Launcher | Launches orange paint at anyone/anything.

Plunger Bow | Fires a plunger that sticks on other players or props for a few seconds.

Purple Paint Grenade | Douses purple paint at anyone/anything upon impact.

Purple Paint Launcher | Launches purple paint at anyone/anything.

Tomato | Works just like the Fancy Tomato toy from Season 6’s Battle Pass, creating a mess on impact.


Party Royale is known for it’s live entertainment. They include concerts and videos. They’re both held by either the Big Screen or the Main Stage, and there is A LOT of events that have happened. So much so, I included a list of them and when they took place! Keep in mind, if you’re a monetized YouTube/Twitch content creator, make sure to turn licensed music off so you don’t get copyright-striked. Click the title of the event to watch the whole thing.

Dillon Francis, Steve Aoki and Deadmau5 (May 8 2020) | This was the second Party Royale event, and it had a lot of songs from Dillon Francis, Steve Aoki and Deadmau5! The Neon Wings back bling was the free reward.

Diplo: Higher Ground (July 31 2020) | As Diplo’s last event of the summer, Diplo: Higher Ground was based off Diplo’s various songs. The Afterparty wrap was the free reward.

Diplo: Thomas Wesley (June 29 2020) | Diplo: Thomas Wesley is a cowboy-themed concert featuring Young Thug and Noah Cyrus, showing off Diplo’s many songs!

ESPN 8: The Ocho (August 8 2020) | ESPN 8: The Ocho, is all about various sports and competitions, like fighting robots! The Ocho contains fun seldom-seen sports too!

FNCS Grand Finals (August 16 2020) | While this event hasn’t happened yet, it should involve the Fortnite Champion Series ultimate finals being broadcast by the Big Screen!

Kenshi Yonezu (August 7 2020) | A concert based off Japanese music artist Kenshi Yonezu. A banner based off the artist was the free reward. (Photosensitivity Warning)

Major Lazer (May 1 2020) | This was the first Party Royale concert, based off the Jamaican Major Lazer music group! Being the first event, it was very buggy and was basically a test event.

Movie Nite (June 26 2020) | An event that showed off one of three Christoper Nolan films, depending on the country. Click here for what each country was able to watch.

Tiger Shark King (August 10 2020) | A Discovery documentary about sharks for, well, Shark Week!

We The People (July 4 2020) | A Black Lives Matter broadcast by many black celebrities, avenging George Floyd and giving conversation on race.

We The People X More Than A Vote (July 28 2020) | A second Black Lives Matter broadcast by new black celebrities and figures, collaborating with the More Than A Vote program to discuss black lives and how they, well, matter. The free reward was the Verve emote.

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