Roblox: The Normal Elevator – Every Floor In The Game!

The Normal Elevator is one of my personal favorite Roblox games, and while the premise itself is pretty boring and wouldn’t attract the average Roblox user, there is a lot to uncover in this game. While it has a pretty secret yet intriguing lore, the main gameplay comes from the level design. These levels are floors that you visit during the game. These floors usually are random and have special effects, and are inspired by different elements of pop culture. In this guide, we talk about all 32 floors, their inspiration and the special effect they have.



Basketball depicts an indoor basketball court, complete with floor decorations, an inspirational quote on the wall and interactive basketballs. You can use these balls to shoot hoops or you can bring them with you in the elevator. However, you can’t shoot with them if you’re outside the area.

Black Hole

Black Hole depicts a wormhole being seen, as the player’s FOV (Field Of View) zooms out. This floor is inspired by 2014’s Interstellar, a space movie directed by Christopher Nolan where astronauts must travel through a black hole to save humanity and find a new home. The music in this stage is actually No Time For Caution, a theme composed by Hans Zimmer for the movie.


Cat depicts a large empty space containing a pink sweater pattern in the background and cats dancing to the beat of the Kitty Cat Song. The elevator also disappears and various cats begin to emit in the background.

Closing In

Closing In depicts the walls closing in slowly. The elevator door doesn’t open and there’s no audio. I presume this is a reference to the trash compactor scene in Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope. 

Cog Building

Cog Building depicts a strange building. It’s not interactive, but a character known as The Big Cheese comes in and stays in the elevator, completely static. The music played is Cog Building Final Floor from Toontown Online.


Cops depicts a street with cop cars and SWAT officers asking the server if they’ve seen a specific player threateningly. The players then decide whether to rat the target out or not. The chosen target can also confess. If the player doesn’t answer, that’ll be no. If the majority of the elevator confirms that he/she has been seen, the cops will take him/her. If not, the cops will take someone else instead because that’s what cops do nowadays, I guess.


Cows depicts an untenanted field with 10 and one sheep. If you click the cow, they fall over, mooing. If you click the sheep, it will fart and a Minecraft baa can be heard. There’s an easter egg, that if you click all 10 cows, a UFO will come and abduct one of them.

Cube Simulator

Cube Simulator depicts a crazy cube going out of control and spinning, where the goal is to not fall out of the open elevator. This is a reference to TheAmazeman’s Roblox game Cube Simulator, and he can be seen flying in a UFO.


Dance depicts a dance competition hosted by a dog named Jojo. The goal is to walk over as many squares on a dance floor as possible. The stage is pretty buggy, however, as 3 players are required for it to work. But sometimes they just replace the missing players with NPCs. 

Eating Contest

Eating Contest depicts a county-fair eating competition as the NPC Shedletsky welcomes the players to his contest. 3 players are randomly chosen as they must eat as much as they can, via clicking. The player who eats the most amount of chicken wins!


Factory depicts a podium displaying anime E-girls dancing. You can enter a conveyor belt and be seen dancing by the E-Girls, complete with themed wigs. The music that plays is the ME!ME!ME! music video from YouTube.


Hand depicts a voice telling us that the elevator broke and that it will be fixed shortly. The voice also warns us to stay away from the back wall. A satanic laugh is heard, and the wall breaks, allowing a devilish hand take and drag a player/NPC out of the elevator. 


iCarly depicts a film set filming the Nickelodeon TV show iCarly, complete with the theme tune playing at a higher pitch and NPCs that resemble the main cast of the iconic sitcom. 


Jason depicts a campsite, with an NPC based off Jason Voorhees murdering a woman in a tent. He would then approach the elevator and throw a knife, impaling anyone who was by it. This floor is inspired by the Friday The 13th horror franchise, and before the Gavin’s Story part of the game was blocked, a rare occasion involved the campsite being free to explore, with a reference to the story being visible.


Jurassic depicts a forest at night, accompanied by electric fences, like in 1993’s Jurassic Park, a film adaption of the book of the same name. A few seconds later, it’s revealed that a dinosaur broke loose. This dinosaur can be found roaring and eating a person in the elevator near him.


Kool-Aid depicts the audio “Oh Yeah!” from Kool-Aid commercials playing on loop, with each “Oh Yeah!’ getting louder and louder. The stage ends with the Kool-Aid mascot breaking in and killing any player in the way. The walls are repaired afterwards.


Moto depicts a lagoon, with a buff Roblox noob coming out of the water. This is a tounge-in-cheek parody of 2008’s Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, which includes a scene where a buff hippo named Moto Moto emerges from the waters of Africa to flirt with and seduce female hippos. Moto stays in the elevator and can be killed. A toy version of Moto can be found in Jazware’s Roblox Meme Pack, but he’s not called Moto due to obvious copyright reasons between Jazwares/Roblox and Dreamworks.


Pokemon depicts a battle arena between NPCs Ash and Brock, from the Pokemon franchise. Two random players are picked to fight, using a variety of attacks and offenses, such as fire storms to lightning strikes. The loser will die and respawn in the elevator, so there’s really no fatality to be found on this floor.


Pump depicts a long, bright hallway inspired by Lil Pump and Kanye West’s I Love It music video. (Warning: Explicit) The players’ body will become wide and big, with a hallway straight out of the music video, complete with Lil Pump and Kanye West NPCs.


Ring depicts a TV presenting static. The TV also flashes to present a girl coming out a well and getting closer to the screen. The lights turn off and a jumpscare girl attacks and kills any players near her. This is obviously a reference to 2002’s The Ring, a supernatural horror film about a cursed videotape that seemingly kills the viewer a week after watching.

Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom depicts an oceanic city, based on Nickelodeon’s Spongebob Squarepants TV show. The titular character can be found here, along with the Gaga god. The town is also explorable, as you can visit the Kandy machine, enter a house or just stay in the elevator. This is a specific reference to the season 1 episode Rock Bottom from 2000, in which the main sponge misses his bus and gets lost in a city called Rock Bottom.


Sanatorium depicts a dark and damp hallway with flickering lights. After 30 or so seconds, every player outside the elevator will get teleported back. Slenderman will then approach the elevator, teleporting there in the process. The result usually involves a white head being placed or something else involving their face/head. This is a reference to the Sanatorium game that is no longer supported on Roblox.


Sharknado depicts a city with tornados launching sharks. This is a reference to the 2013 movie Sharknado, a TV movie about sharks attacking cities, coming from tornados. Touching the mouth of a shark will kill you, but that will rarely happen. The Raga god can also be found here, in the red house.


Snoop depicts rapper Snoop Dogg dancing while the Snoop Dogg song plays. Crosshairs and Dorito chips are presented in the backgound, and Snoop himself changes colors. If you have all 3 gods in the elevator at this moment, a rainbow will appear and the Breakthrough badge is awarded to anyone in the elevator.

Speed Run

Speed Run depicts a parkour speed run course. Everyone is faster and must try not to die and make it to the end. Speed Run appears in Gavin’s Story, albeit, dark and red, and with a few differences. This floor is an homage to speed run obbies and games in Roblox.


Spinner depicts a casual sunny, happy setting, but that illusion is shattered when the setting falls into a spinner. After a bit, the elevator falls into the spinner as well, and, last I checked, there is no escape from dying.


Terror depicts a strange, blue lobby, with a male voice mentioning 5 people that were in an elevator and died. In case you couldn’t tell, those people were actually the players, as the elevator falls into a void. For seem reason, servers can only hold 8 people at a time, so it would have made more sense to mention 8 dead people instead of 5, but who’s complaining? Well, I am, but that doesn’t matter!


Toilet depicts a rainbow slide leading towards a big toilet. You can go inside the toilet’s hole, and you’ll come out completely brown, representing crap. In the early version, it was actually a Roblox noob that you went into, not a toilet.


Train depicts a white void, as the lighting is a lot brighter and whiter. This whole floor is a reference to the YouTube video Asdfmovie2, with one scene having a kid who likes trains, only to be run over by one. Tracks are seen across the door and the elevator, and the I Like Trains kid is seen, completely static. The audio from the video plays, and the train runs over the I Like Trains kid, and anyone in the way. There is also a chance that the train will come from another area.


Vomit depicts a city alley, with a smiling noob vomiting on anyone in the way. The vomit on people disappeared after the stage ended.


Waffles depicts a cycle of waffles, french toast and pancakes presented to the tune of Do You Like Waffles?, a song made by Parry Gripp that took over the entire world in the early 2010s, as does every Parry Gripp song. Afterwards, a random player would get a waffle mesh on him, which can only be removed by dying or resetting the character. 

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