Apex Legends – Season 6 Details, Leaks And Teasers

Apex Legends is going to be having it’s sixth season very soon, and we have brand new leaks, teasers and rumors! Some are official teasers but others are leaks and rumors that are unconfirmed but not to be ignored either. So, in this guide, we go over everything you should know.

Release Date And Theme

Apex Legends Season 06 is going to release on August 18, 2020! It will most likely end around the Halloween/Thanksgiving season to make way for Season 07, which could be a winter-themed season like what Season 7 was for Fortnite back in 2018. 

As for the theme, the trailers, teasers and legend have a very chaotic tone to it, and it reminds me a lot of the marketing for last year’s Borderlands 3, which Apex Legends seems very inspired by. The pink and green color scheme also reminds me of 2018’s Lego DC Super Villains, which also involved uncontrolled mayhem. Perhaps World’s Edge and maybe King’s Canyon will fall into utter chaos, forcing us into a new, snowy map in Season 07. Engineering also seems to be an important part of the theme, as crafting will be introduced in the game.

The Legend

Our new legend is Rampart, an Indian engineer who seems to use scraps to create new weapons and turrets. She is seen in most promotional material and trailers using her turrets and her massive gun Shelia. According to EA’s website, this is what she looks like:

We also have her leaked abilities! These are completely subject to change, and we are not entirely sure what her Passive is.

Tactical: Amped Cover

Amped Cover seems to be an ability that places a large piece of cover that blocks enemy shots and boosts the damage of teammate shots. We can see this in the launch cinematic trailer and it seems pretty overpowered, much more powerful than Pathfinder’s Tactical, which was unfairly nerfed during Season 5’s launch. So this will probably have many adjustments and nerfs in the near future.

Passive: Unknown 

Rampart’s ability is unknown, but we have 3 leaked abilities listed. We can either be only one of the abilities in the actual game, or we might see all three morphed into one, like what Lifeline had.

Gunner | Boost to light machine gun mag capacity and reload rate.

Fixer | Swapping to melee allows you to repair any friendly structures.

Cover Fire | Firing from cover (Probably Rampart’s Tactical) overcharges your gun damage.

Ultimate: Emplaced LMG

Rampart’s leaked Ultimate is supposed to be a mounted turret that anyone can use. The ability was previously named as “My Friend Maxim”. I feel like it’ll be mobile, so instead of the turret going away after the Ultimate ends, it would be be unusable until the Ultimate could be triggered again, but that’s just what I believe. It’s not confirmed.

Teasers And Leaks

While it seemed like we would have a new map, this theory will probably be false. However, we found cryptic spray-painted signs in World’s Edge reading, “All Hail Shelia!”, which is Rampart’s gun. Perhaps Rampart tagged that on? Quite obviously, yes. 

EA also confirmed that we will get sprays (Like in Overwatch or Fortnite), a new SMG and a crafting system, according to their website.

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