Star Wars Squadrons – Release Date, Leaks And Rumors

Star Wars: Squadron is EA’s latest game! It takes place in the Star Wars universe is a lot like a starfighter shooter game, as opposed to a tactical battlefront game like Battlefront I and II, or a melee Jedi game like Jedi Fallen Order. While the actual game won’t release until Halloween, we have plenty of announcements all compiled in this one guide. So in this guide, we go over the release, price, details and more!

Release Date And Price

Star Wars: Squadrons is set to release on October 2, 2020, yet that date is subject to change. The game should retail for $60 at launch but once the Christmas holidays come, it


The game’s story takes place a little while after the events of Episode VI – Return of The Jedi. Rebel pilots and Imperial pilots still battle, as you have the option to choose between Imperial rookie Case Kassandora, part of the Titan Squadron, and Rebel rookie Rao Highmoon, part of the Vanguard Squadron. The story will alternate between them, but other than that, we don’t know much more.


Star Wars: Squadrons has a heavy focus on multiplayer play. There are two modes we know of so far: Dogfights and Fleet Battles. Dogfights are traditional 5v5 battles but Fleet Battles are battles that have multiple stages and involve taking down fleets and flagships. You can also create your own squadron if you want with a unique social hub to do so. This hub might just be a fancy main menu to check out your pilot, starfighter and more, and it seems to be taking inspiration from the Battle Pass hideouts from Fortnite: Battle Royale. 

Ships And Starfighters

There are 4 starfighter classes: Fighters, which was versatile and stealthy, Interceptors, which are fast and dangerous, Support, which can stock up teammates and Bombers, which can deal serious damage to enemy ships and flagships. We actually set up a table of which faction has which starfighter for each class:

FightersTIE FightersX-Wings
InterceptorsTIE InterceptorsA-Wings
SupportTIE ReaperU-Wing
BomberTIE BomberY-Wing

Cosmetics And Customization

You might think that the cosmetics and customization are behind paywalls, but if you do, you’re very wrong. Cosmetics can be earned by gaining experience and include avatar pieces, ship recolors and paint jobs and even props like Ewok bobbleheads you can display on your ship. You can also customize your arsenal, and alter how your ship flies and works. This screenshot from the trailer shows us how these components work.

Virtual Reality Feature

The game will be in a first-person layout, so you can see the inside of your cockpit, as well as the outside space. Virtual Reality seems to be an option in the game, as you can use a headset to feel like you’re in a starship. We don’t know how this system will work, though.

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