Fortnite: Creative – How To Create Destructible Walls

Fortnite: Creative has endless potential, and while it isn’t receiving updates like it used to back in 2018 and 2019, the community is creating new and fun tactics to further improve your maps and islands. Today’s article is all about destructible walls. While Fortnite: Creative doesn’t actually have destructible walls, you can create a fun illusion in your shooter/gun games to have walls that can get partially destroyed by bullet holes! Credit to Creative builder Neverty7 for the tactic. 

The Steps

Step 1. Create A Hallway (Optional)

The first step is to create a hallway. This is optional, but helps set up what you really need for this experiment.

Step 2. Look For The Piece

In the Galleries section, look for the Outdoor Residential Props. Select the piece the cursor is hovering above in the image.

Step 3. Adjust The Piece So It’s In The Right Direction

Adjust the shaping axis to adjust the chosen piece to face it in the right direction, like so:

Step 4. Enlarge The Piece 6 Times

This one doesn’t require an image. Just toggle the piece, hold down the ‘size’ button and use your trigger or ‘size increase’ button to increase it’s size 6 times.

Step 5. Begin Building

Create a vertical combination of the piece, made up of 3 of the pieces. Then, place them along the edges of the hallway’s walls. 

Step 6. Finish The Barrier, Copy It And Go On Up

Once you’re done with the barrier you created in Step 5, copy it all and place the copied barrier above and below the first one you made. 

This is roughly what your wall should look like after all that copying.

I also included a video of my tutorial.

That’s all the information I have now! If you’re confused, ask for tips in the comments and I’ll get to you!

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