Fortnite: Battle Royale -Fishing Guide

Fishing is a fun and important aspect that was introduced in Chapter 2 of Fortnite: Battle Royale. There are many ways to fish and many things to fish, so in this guide, we go over all the things you can fish from fishing.

How To Fish

First, let’s go back to the basics. There are three main items to use to catch fish: Fishing Rods, Harpoon Guns and an explosive item. Fishing Rods can be found by ponds and water in barrels, so you have a good, standard idea of where to find them. You can also use Fishing Rods to ride Loot Sharks. When fishing with them, when you see the little hook get sucked into the spot a little, pull back. Then we have Harpoon Guns. They were added later in Chapter 2, Season 1 and can not only improve fishing by allowing you to pull items and fish straight out of the water, but also allow you to pull enemies towards you! Finally, explosive items like Rocket Launchers or Grenades can be thrown into fishing spots. After detonating, you will be granted a fish or item. 

As depicted in the Chapter 2 launch trailer, 3 recruits are fishing in churned water.

Fish To Catch

Fortnite currently has 4 unique fish to catch, but I expect them to add more throughout Chapter 2 to coincide with different themes. Anyway, here’s each fish, complete a small description.

Flopper | A big, orange fish. It can be found anywhere and is inspired by the Fishstick outfit. Consuming it will reward you with 50 health.

Mythic Goldfish | A golden fish trophy. It is insanely rare, 0.0001% chance (1/1 million) of being found. It can deal around 90-200 damage and is currently obtainable in Fortnite: Creative via a glitch.

Slurpfish | An exotic, blue fish. It can be found anywhere and is made to reflect Chapter 2’s slurp systems. Consuming it will reward you with 50 health/shield.

There is also a rusty can you can fish out, referencing the moment when Rippley got one in the Chapter 2 launch cinematic. This common canister can be thrown, but serves as overall useless. It is a pretty funny item, though.

You can also catch weapons like Assault Rifles or Shotguns from fishing, but they don’t count as fish and cannot be obtainable only by fishing. If you’re fishing in calm waters, you’ll get less valuable materials like building resources and ammo. 

Where To Fish

There’s a ton of locations to fish at. Since the island is kinda flooded, that leaves for a ton of fun with fishermen and fisherwomen alike. There are two times of fishing areas: active and calm. Active waters are distinctive because they have some white churning water and Floppers and Slurpfish swimming around. (Credit to Pro Game Guides for the image.)

A churning fishing area.

Calm waters, on the other hand, are normal locations to fish without churching water. Just plain pond/lake/river. Don’t get expectations high when fishing in calm waters, because ammo and building resources is probably the most you’ll get!

Fishing Tips

Here are some extra tips, tricks and tidbits to keep in mind when fishing.

– While fishing with a Fishing Rod rather than explosive or Harpoon Gun, move around so recon experts have a tough time trying to snipe you!

– Try to find less open spots. Lake Canoe is essentially the Camp Cod of fishing locations. It’s easy to find, there’s a ton of active water and it’s centralized with few people. Go there!

– Slurpfish are really good. If you can’t find Slurpfish, use Floppers, because they’re SUPER efficient especially with modern Storm functions with closed zones.

– Try to fish whenever you can. You can also get ammo, building materials and weapons. Fishing rods are also very common, so finding one and going fishin’ is very easy.

Fishing Legacy Achievements

These are just small Legacy Achievements that involve fishing and fish!

Pier Fishing | Caught a fish off the Sweaty Sands pier. 

WARNING! | Slurpfish contain 4,000% of your daily recommended toxic waste. (Eat a Slurpfish)

Raw and Wiggling | Ate a Small Fry or Flopper.

No one will believe you caught this | Caught a Mythic Goldfish.

Sleep with the fishes | Eliminated by a Mythic Goldfish.

Trophy Hunter | Eliminated an opponent with a Mythic Goldfish.

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