Fortnite: Battle Royale – The Device Live Event Guide

Doomsday is upon us. The Chapter 2, Season 2 live event is days away, and we know very little about the event. However, we do have some details about how the twelfth season of Fortnite is gonna end. While it won’t be too mind-blowing like The End or Astronomical, it should be along the same level as the Unvaulting or the Final Showdown. So if you want to see what Midas has in store, we will explain.


Sadly, not only has Season 3 been delayed, but also The Device event. The event will take place on June 15 and Season 3 is set to premiere on June 17. The timers in the lobby and in Midas’ room have reset. This is the season’s third (And hopefully final) delay.

The Story

Every live event (Except for Showtime, Live At Risky and Astronomical) all are part of Fortnite’s ever-growing storyline. You can read our article about Fortnite’s storyline, but for now, we will explain a brief summary. So one day, a black hole, that contained the matter and atoms of a former universe, exploded and sent us back, this time to a different island. Two factions, E.G.O and A.L.T.E.R, were founded by then, E.G.O being run by secret agent Midas, with the power of the Golden Touch, and A.L.T.E.R by the villainous Chaos Agent,as the two factions fought for control of the island. Soon, E.G.O and A.L.T.E.R created spy branches: Ghost and Shadow, respectively. During all this chaos, Midas began working on something, something big. He tried to keep it a secret from the rest of E.G.O. What’s Midas’ mission, you ask? He is assembling a doomsday device for an unknown reason. We literally do not know what it’s for, Midas is keeping it a secret so he can release his device with few aware. We speculate that his priority is to “control the Storm”, using the Cyclo suit in his office. 

Time, Date And Location

Thankfully, there is a timer in the main lobby and in Midas’ room in the Hideout in the Battle Pass tab. This is most likely to prevent clickbaiters and liars to make fake live streams about live events happening, because now you have a more reliable source. The event will take place on Monday, June 15, and if you want to know where to land to see how the Storm is defied, it will be at The Agency, the Ghost HQ where Midas is located.


Here’s a video of the live event in case you missed it:

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