Goat Simulator – Easter Eggs And Secrets

Goat Simulator is one strange game. It’s a game that allows you to play as a goat and explore locations, with the intent to cause a ruckus. There’s also secrets to allow you to go to space, play games and a whole lot more! In this guide, we go over all the easter eggs and references we found in Goat Simulator. Keep in mind, we aren’t including easter eggs that grant you a specific mutator, we’ll have separate articles for those. So let’s get into it, starting with Goatville.


Goatville is the game’s starting locale. It depicts a typical suburban town with some rather interesting and questionable secrets. It doesn’t really have a running theme to it, but there’s a ton of unlockables and things to be found. Here we found 2 really good ones that don’t grant a new mutator. 

Alien Abduction

Around Goatville, there is a house with a treadmill. Going on it will launch you out of the house, but the real easter egg comes from the B(e)acon item. Pick up the item and make your way to the stunt car location. Avoid getting hit and make your way to the crops, where there will be a special pole to place the B(e)acon. Doing so has a UFO come down. Walk to it and you’ll be lifted. Where will you head to next? Space. Yes, literally. You are a goat floating in the deep abyss of outer space, passing nearby meteors and dancing astronauts. You can even see the Earth down below! It’s pretty cool.

Coffee Stain Studios

Coffee Stain Studios is the developer behind Goat Simulator, so of course their office would be located in Goatville! Go upstairs and pass by the devs to play the goat version of the popular mobile game Flappy Bird. Gain 10 Score to be granted an achievement. Other than that, there’s not much to do around Coffee Stain Studios, but you can knock down bookshelves or lick some developers.

Goat City Bay

Goat City Bay is the second location in Goat Simulator. It’s a city much like Los Angeles or San Francisco, clearly parodying Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto videogame series. 


This easter egg involves you going on the boat by the shoreline. Remember to lick and hold on, because you’ll be greeted by a desert island. There’s even a football with a face on it. Sounds familiar? It should, because it’s a reference to Castaway, the movie starring Tom Hanks. 

Sniffing The Sugar

By the left side of Goat City Bay, there’s a small house with a pool. Enter it and lick the ice cubes inside, and uh, I’ll let you discover the easter egg for yourself.

Spooky Scary Graveyards

This next one is behind the wind turbines, and depicts a scary pet graveyard in homage to Stephen King’s horror novel, Pet Sematary. There’s even a slender-goat based on the slenderman creepypasta! However, on non-mobile devices, he doesn’t attack you.

Those are all the easter eggs we found in Goat Simulator! If you have any more, tell us, and we’ll add them!

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