Goat Simulator – How To Unlock The Deadgoa7 Mutator

Deadmau5 is a popular DJ who made his mark in the 2010s, so of course he’ll have a reference in Goat Simulator! In this guide, we go over his cameo, the mutator you unlock for it, and it’s power. But is it hard to get? Not exactly. So let’s raise our weapons and move for me, because we’re unlocking Deadgoa7! 

How To Unlock

Step 1. Go To Goat City Bay

Goat City Bay is one of the locales in Goat Simulator. Goat City Bay is a parody of Los Angeles/San Francisco with a GTA touch to it, as opposed to Goatville’s quiet suburbs.

Step 2. Visit The Deadmau5 Party

On the rooftops of one of the apartments (There are pride flags surrounding it), there’s a party going on featuring none other than Deadmau5 (Pronounced ‘Deadmouse’, not ‘Dead-mau-five’). There are many ways to enter the party. You could use the Jetpack mutator to fly up there. You could use the whale, or, just go up by the elevator.

Step 3. Meet Deadmau5

You will then have a chance to meet the DJ himself. Obviously not, but walking up to his virtual counterpart will grant you the Deadgoa7 mutator. You can also stay and enjoy the party, if you wish.


Deadgoa7 is an obvious parody of Deadmau5. His name comes from the fact that he found a dead mouse in his computer (Don’t ask how) and became known as the ‘Dead mouse guy’. That name stuck, and when trying to join a chat room, his ‘Deadmouse’ name was too long, so he shortened it to Deadmau5, using “leet”, or 1337, an online language using numbers. His special ability allows you to change the strange background music to that of the Deadmau5 party, having people around you dance to it.

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