CLAW – What Is It, And How Can It Effect Your Health?

CLAW is a popular gaming technique for controller players. Since controller players really don’t have much of an advantage in the competitive gaming world compared to keyboard and mouse players or people with just a better set-up, they have CLAW. CLAW basically involves your two thumbs taking control of the joysticks of an Xbox or PlayStation controller (I’m excluding Nintendo, because they have pretty weird and unique controllers) while your index finger deals with everything else. So let’s go over what it truly is and it’s problems.

What Is Claw?

I’m well aware I summarized the basics, but let’s go over the details. CLAW specializes in giving a specific instinct to players, making sure they gain any kind of advantage. Remember, CLAW is only for controller players. Not touchscreen, like an iPad or iPhone, or keyboard, like computer players. However, you can attach a controller to your computer/mobile device. Despite this, CLAW still remains most popular on consoles like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, due to the fact that a controller is very necessary. So it’s a controller tactic that gives a slight advantage. Great, isn’t it? No.

Why Should Or Shouldn’t You Use Claw?

Well, CLAW’s position is very uncomfortable. People will use it for advantages, but really hurts a lot, with an extra bit of pressure going to the index finger, due to the fact that they manage almost everything on the controller, and the fact that CLAW is already an uncomfortable position by default doesn’t help either. However, the advantages to CLAW to help in the gaming world are there, and CLAW is without a doubt possible to control, just with heavy restrictions and breaks. You’ll think that your hands are fine using CLAW regularly, however, think again! 20 years from now, you’ll regret it! Doing something uncomfortable for many years, regardless of what it is, will hurt your hands in a painful way. It type with only a few fingers, and those fingers sometimes hurt a lot because of the pressure I place on them. So be careful with your hands.

Case in point, CLAW is a technique that can be used if you’re a serious controller player, but is pretty uncomfortable and can hurt your hands – a lot. So what I want you to take away from this, is to take care of your fingers and be mindful of your hand movements.

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