Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures – How To Unlock Han Solo

Han Solo is one of the most iconic cinematic characters and he is playable in Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures! In this guide, we go over how to unlock him, how much he costs and the adventure along the way. Keep in mind, every part, except for Part 5, requires you being in Free Play mode. So make sure you finished the campaign before doing this. So if you’ve finished the main campaign, let’s get into it. 

Part 1: Lost Temple

Han Solo’s unlocking in divided into 5 parts. The first part requires you to go into the Lost Temple level of the game. Progress through until you reach the part with the golden idol. Turn into an explosive character and pick up the idol. Of course, this will trigger the tension, but don’t be distracted! Go to the right side of the temple, and you will come across a silver wall. Use an explosives character to explode the wall open, and in the wall you will see C-3PO. Punch him, and a little cutscene will play. It will then mark “1/5”.

Part 2: Into The Mountains

Into The Mountains is the second level of the game and if progress through long enough, you will find ice bridges along a steep mountain. These bridges can break so make sure you go through a specifically unstable one! From there, you can see Luke Skywalker trapped in an ice cave, referencing a moment from Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. Once again, you will need a guy with explosives to break down the icy wall blocking you from finding Luke. From there, it will say “2/5”.

Part 3: City Of Danger

City of Danger is the third level of the game and near the end of the end of the level, there is a gate. Bypass the gate and you will see the architecture looks a lot like Mos Eisley from Star Wars. Enter after finishing the quick puzzle and you will then require a small character like Short Round to crawl into Chewbacca’s room. Chewbacca, Han Solo’s co-pilot, will then be featured in a small cutscene before it saying, “3/5”.

Part 4: Free The Slaves

Free The Slaves is the third-to-last level in the Temple of Doom chapter. Progress until right before the boss battle and hop on down to the lower level. From there, blast a silver door, enter and you will see Princess Leia, doing her iconic pose from Episode IV: A New Hope. It then reads, “4/5”.

Part 5: Desert Ambush

At the beginning of the level (Desert Ambush, second to last level for The Last Crusade chapter) use Indiana Jones to grab a horse and ride to jump onto a cliff. From there, use Indy’s whip to pull down a tube and you’ll find R2-D2, reading “5/5”.

Then you can exit to Barnett College (You can save and exit, which is pretty nifty) and you should head over to the Library where you can purchase Han Solo for 100,000 studs. I also, included an image of what Han solo looks like in the game.


I also included an old video tutorial made by MarioDragon. This will visually show you how to unlock Han Solo.

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