Fortnite – Basic Guide To Building And Construction

Building is an essential part of Fortnite, hence the name FORTnite. There are different ways to build, edit and more. With this guide, we will go over the different ways to build and edit in Fortnite. Keep in mind, building is very important for all 3 modes: Save The World, Battle Royale and Creative. So now, let’s learn how to build.

Building Pieces

There are 4 different building pieces in Fortnite, each with a different purpose:

Wall | It serves as a wall. It can block fire or protect yourself, so it’s pretty useful in that area.

Floor | Pretty self-explanatory too. While it may seem useless for grounded forts, when in the sky, floors can save your life and prevent you from falling off an elevated base.

Ramp | Ramps are pretty popular as they can get you to high places or help you build your tower or fort.

Roof | While seeming like a fancier version of a floor, roofs can actually be used as sturdier surfaces and can be used for pretty decent cover.


Credit to Pro Game Guides for the images.

Wall Edits

There are a ton of wall edits. So I compiled them into categories:

Arch Edits

Arch edits are different ways you can edit a wall to leave room for an arch or a big fancy entrance to your castle/base. These edits have different ways to alter the way you want your arch, but remember, it doesn’t block fire! The first arch is one that has support on both sides, the second has support on the left, and the third on the right. None really change anything though, and you’re most likely gonna use doors instead of arches.

Door Edits

Doors are extremely useful when creating a fort. Without them, it’ll be hard to even function as a constructorPlus, if you’re not skilled enough to clear your edits back to default, you can just close your door. The first edit has a casual door in the middle you can open and close, the second has a door with a half-wall and the third is a door with a window, which you’ll probably use to snipe or scope enemies while being cautious about intruders.

Half-Wall Edits

Half-Wall edits, while not as useful as door or window edits, can be used at times. The first diagram depicts a tall wall but not as tall as the default wall. Man, that rhymed! The second is actually pretty useless, it’s 2/9 of a wall, which, unless you need it for Creative, I doubt you’ll use. From arguably the most useless, we go to arguably the most useful! These mini-walls are great for the view, creating bridges or keeping tabs on adversaries without having the need to go outside. It’s a very popular edit. The fourth edit is pretty useless too, it’s 1/3 of a default wall. WHY. DO. YOU. NEED. IT. And the last one can be useful sometimes. It’s the same as the bridge-wall I just mentioned, but not as wide, to make room for stairs or a good entrance.

Wall Wedge Edits

This one bears much similarity to the arches we saw earlier, except now you need two connected wedges to make a full arch. It can be useful in case you need to get through areas or rooms in your base without doors. 

Window Edits

Window edits are pretty useful too and you’ll see yourself using these A LOT. They provide a window to scope or snipe adversaries in your base. Plus, they serve as extra flair to your base, making it look more professional and fancy. The first edit has a single window in the middle and the second has two. I recommend the second because it allows you to see from more angles, or at least it’s more useful in Save The World, when trying to defend the ATLAS or Storm Shield. 

Floor Edits

There are 4 ways to edit a floor, other than the default version. The first on the left of the image allows 75% of the floor to be covered, 25% open. This can be useful if you need to quickly go downstairs but want to leave little tracks. The second is 50% covered and 50% open. This can be paired up with one of the stair edits you’ll see in a bit. And the third is 25% covered and 75% open. This can serve useful if you want to maintain control of your position but you also needs a Launch Pad in case of emergency exits. And the last one is one you may not have even seen before, but it’s a bridge-type one. A bridge is very simple, and while you can make a bridge with edited walls and floors, this edit saves materials.

Ramp Edits

Ramps serve as stairs, and have a few edits to customize your set of stairs. The first edit has small half-stairs with railings to make your way to an elevated part of the base. The second edit is more complex and the third is more or less the same. Nonetheless, they all serve the same purpose so choose which one fits you the best! Mine personal favorite is the second one, because it allows for more complex construction.

Roof Edits

Roofs weren’t really used originally, but a lot of people prefer to use these over traditional floors! The first edit is a tall-angled triangle, which could be used for extra cover or defense, the second edit can be used as stairs just like the ramps we just saw and the third is a triangle being held up. There is a fourth one, called the tent, which you can see the instructions to make it on the Floor Edits part of the article, and it’s more of a design thing. But’s it’s pretty fun to be in a tent.

That wraps up our building guide! I am planning on writing a part about different forts and bases to build, so if you have suggestions, please leave them down in the comments below. 

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