Gang Beasts – Every Stage Ranked!

Gang Beasts has a ton of maps, some are really good, some aren’t. So with this ranking, we will explain which stages are the best ones, and we will give a basic consensus on them. Keep in mind, it is possible to win on any stage, but these are just my personal favorites. So without further ado, here is my stage ranking.

19. Billboard

Billboard is quite possibly the worst stage in Gang Beasts. It’s extremely easy to fall off and die, the space is very crowded, it’s not very fun and there’s no special gimmicks or interesting twists. Even the concept on paper sounds bland nonetheless, it’s like a worse version of Roof!

18. Buoy

Oh buoy, I do not like this stage! The space is slightly grander than Billboard, but it’s not chaotically small like the ones higher on the list. Plus, it’s hard to survive once you fall into the water and it’s just frustrating to be on.

17. Blimp

I hear a lot of folks actually like this stage, but I am not one of them. While one of the most iconic stages in the game, Blimp is just too tiny. It’s obviously larger than Billboard and Buoy, but it’s pretty easy to fall off and it’s difficult to defeat others without kami-kazing. 

16. Ring

Ring feels more grounded and takes more skill compared to other stages, but that just ruins the fun of Gang Beasts. 90% of the time if you’re doing a cool wrestling move you saw on TV to defeat an enemy beast, they’ll just do the stupidest backflips possible and yeet you off.

15. Girders

Now, Girders is actually a pretty well-designed stage. I’m pretty sure it’s THE most well-designed stage. Girders depicts a construction site, however there are two glaring flaws with this stage: The first involves the fact that there are one too many obstacles and the second is the fact that sometimes the floor breaks apart and leads you to an inevitable death, which is more annoying than I made it sound. 

14. Towers

Towers is OK. You can so obviously tell little work was put into it. It’s literally a tower with stairs. There is a little secret where if you go far enough, the stairs break down completely, and since the stairs are arguably the most interesting part of the stage, most people head there. Granted, triggering it would probably cost your life, but it’s a lot less frustrating than the floors in the Girders stage. A huge flaw with Towers is that the space is too wide and there’s very little going on.

13. Lighthouse

Lighthouse is essentially the improved version of Towers. It has the same concept of an elevated cylinder, but, it’s a lot less wider and there’s more going on. Battles and gang fights feel more intense on Lighthouse rather than on Towers. But the big problem is that it’s a little bland, and all the higher entries on the list just are more fun to play on.

12. Gondola

Gondola is very similar to most platform-based stages, but it has no identity, and feels like a copy of Containers. And a worse version at that. However, it’s not too frustrating, so it works fine with me.

11. Grind

Grind is fun. Yeah. Grind involves different gears and grinders as you need to launch people into them. There’s also a vat of pink liquids that you can launch people into. It’s fun, but there are more fun ones out there. Plus knocking kids into the grinds is a little hard.

10. Chutes

Chutes has a similar concept to Grind, where it’s in a gray factory and there are clearly dangerous mechanical items that can kill you. Chutes is fun because there are chutes and massive sausages come down from the ceiling to knock down opponents. Very crazy concept, and while it’s fun, others were better. 

9. Incinerator

Incinerator is very similar to Chutes and Grind, they are both areas clearly not intended for gang fights, but Incinerator is pretty fun because there are hideouts you can hide in as well as a fiery pit of lava that you can launch people into.

8. Vents

Vents is the last of the trend of factory-based stages. The stage depicts a large turbine and platform, as you can easily knock others, or yourself, off, and, as a bonus, you can float up in the air at random moments thanks to the turbines. You can even kick a guy into a large killer vent! However, the platform is too small, and you can easily fall in unintentionally. While there are many other objects to save you from defeat, they’re not very helpful and you must rely on climbing up instead.

7. Roof

Roof is one of the most iconic stages in Gang Beasts, but it’s pretty decent. It’s grounded, defeating enemies isn’t too difficult, high ground is easy to get and it’s overall good. My main gripe however, is the lack of cool features the next few entries have.

6. Containers

I don’t know what I have with Containers, I’m genuinely surprised it made it this far on the list, it’s a decent stage. It depicts two large crates of opposing colors held up by four strings each. While nothing special, Containers has this unmatched charm, I’m not sure why!

5. Trucks

Trucks I feel is Containers on the road. It depicts two trucks on a highway using the same two colors Containers had. What makes Trucks better? Well Trucks feels more intense, and at times, road signs will appear and will knock you off if you don’t duck or jump. You can even get inside the trucks, but there’s not much inside. 

4. Train

Train is one of the best stages in Gang Beasts. It involves a moving train across desert cliffs, as half of the train will depart, killing anyone on it. Further in the stage, rocks will come down, making it pretty hard to survive after that. Train is just enjoyable, and I really like trains in videogames, like the train in Apex Legends. 

3. Wheel

Wheel depicts a burger-themed ferris wheel. The wheel moves up and down and you can get off on the boardwalk, but, beware, the boardwalk is unstable, like the Girders stage. And if the fight goes on for so long, the Wheel will spin around so fast, destroying many parts. What makes it so enjoyable is it’s intensity, creativity and just how fun it is.

2. Subway

Subway is one of my favorite stages. You are on a subway platform, and there are two trains. You can knock enemies off onto the rails and watch them die, you can hide in a trash can or you can throw a vending machine into a moving train. It’s crazy, I know. But it’s very fun. 

1. Elevators

I believe Elevators is the greatest Gang Beasts stage. Why? Well, first of all, the concept itself is hilarious. I knew when I first played this stage, that I would enjoy it. So there are two elevators outside an office building, held up by ropes. You can break those ropes, you can break windows, you can get on elevator roofs, you can break into someone else’s elevator, it’s just crazy fun. And combined with the music makes an enjoyable, epic and climatic experience. And if you survive long enough, the elevators would go up really high!

So that was my personal ranking of all the Gang Beasts maps. I plan to do more Gang Beasts content, because the game is very fun. If you want to disagree, feel free to voice your opinion down in the comments below.

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