The Sims 4 – Career List And Guide

The Sims 4 has a lot, and I mean, a LOT of careers, some returning from the previous 3 games, some are brand new, but careers are very important to have in The Sims. Careers can also have branches, and your skills like cooking or plumbing can come quite in handy whilst you’re doing your job. This guide will be a list of careers and branches that can come from it!

How To Access Careers

Careers are surprisingly easy to access. Go on your phone or computer, and head to the jobs section. From there, pick a career. Some careers are locked within DLC, but later in this article, we will talk about which careers are DLC-locked and which aren’t. Once you have your job, there’s no need for a job interview. Just look at your schedule and train for your job! You can quit your job anytime as well, so there’s no need to worry in case you don’t like your job anymore. 

List Of Careers

Astronaut (Base Game)

  • Space Ranger branch
  • Intergalactic Smuggler branch

Athlete (Base Game)

  • Professional Athlete branch
  • Bodybuilder branch

Business (Base Game)

  • Management branch
  • Investor branch

Criminal (Base Game)

  • Boss branch
  • Oracle branch

Culinary (Base Game)

  • Chef branch
  • Mixologist branch

Entertainer (Base Game)

  • Musician branch
  • Comedian branch

Freelancer (Base Game)

  • Digital Artist branch
  • Programmer branch
  • Writer branch
  • Fashion Photographer branch
  • Crafter branch

Painter (Base Game)

  • Master of the Real branch
  • Patron of the Arts branch

Secret Agent (Base Game)

  • Diamond Agent branch
  • Villain branch

Style Influencer (Base Game)

  • Trendsetter branch
  • Stylist branch

Tech Guru (Base Game)

  • eSport Gamer branch
  • Start-Up Entrepreneur branch

Writer (Base Game)

  • Author branch
  • Journalist branch

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