Apex Legends – Mirage Character Guide

Mirage is one the thirteen current legends in Respawn’s Apex Legends. He’s goofy, witty, and overall just a fun character. He’s also my main! The article you’re about to read was written during Season 03, but was edited in Season 05 thanks to various changes Mirage underwent. In this guide, we will go over Mirage, his abilities and more. Credit to Macro and my experience with Mirage for these tips and tricks.

Introduction And Lore

Mirage’s title in Apex Legends is the “Holographic Trickster”. His whole thing is that he’s a funny guy who can create decoys of himself to fool enemy players. He, Elliot Witt, was the youngest of 4 brothers, but they went missing during the Frontier Wars. To cope with this loss, Mirage and his engineer mother created holograms and later used them during the Apex Games. He has a minor rivalry with Pathfinder and Crypto, however.


Tactical: Psyche Out

Mirage’s Tactical is Psyche Out. With Psyche Out, Mirage can send out a decoy, while making a quip about bamboozling in the process, to distract enemies. It can also be controlled and can roughly copy your movements to truly bamboozle the enemy. It can also be deployed if you’re hiding out and feel lonely, just to have a buddy with you. When trying to trick an enemy, send the decoy by him and make sure there aren’t many obstacles nearby, because decoys are pretty stupid and can run into walls and such. Plus, when skydiving, you can freely send out 2 decoys to jokingly bamboozle your teammates. 

Passive: Now You See Me

Mirage’s Passive is Now You See Me. With Now You See Me, Mirage will turn invisible when knocked down, while a decoy, barely clinging on to life, takes his place. This won’t fool anybody, but it’s not supposed to. While the decoy is dying, you can sneakily escape to your teammates to be revived. This is extremely useful and can benefit your teammates, as they won’t have to risk their lives to save you, when you can easily save yourself.

Ultimate: Life Of The Party

Mirage’s Ultimate is Life of the Party. With Life of the Party, Mirage will summon a huge amount of decoys, each following his every move, a lot like Loki from the Marvel Comics. They allow the enemy to be confused and can really trick a person or two. 

Tips And Tricks

  • Use Mirage’s Ultimate and Tactical at the same time, whilst controlling the Tactical’s decoy. It’s really confusing and can provide for a good exit. The Tactical decoy will be in the center and after some running around, everyone’s in a circle again!
  • Use Mirage’s Passive in crowded areas to really confuse the player!
  • Mirage works well with Bangalore because her smoke can perplex your enemies whilst you use your Ultimate!
  • Placing down a decoy next to a death box, completely static, can trick snipers into thinking a Mirage player is looting a dead enemy. Obviously, they could see right through it because it’ll be static and it’s a Mirage, a legend literally known for creating decoys and fooling enemies, that they’re sniping, but it’s worth a shot.

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