E3 2020 Cancelled Due To COVID-19 Outbreak

E3 2020, the ultimate gaming convention, has been cancelled because of the currently ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This is the first time in E3 History that this has happened, and is quite a shame, especially with the fact that impatient gamers are waiting to get their fix on gaming news. We will explain how this happened and what solutions gaming companies have in store, all in this article.

The Coronavirus

The COVID-19 is a virus that was unleashed in Wuhan, China in December 2019, when this website launched officially. The COVID-19 belongs to a family of viruses that also had Sars, the infamous virus from the early 2000s that affected the world just like the COVID-19 has been. But the COVID-19 has just done what Sars couldn’t. The COVID-19 has just cancelled E3. While the Sars virus started in November 2002 and ended in May 2004, not delaying the E3 2003 in between, the COVID-19 became the reason for E3 2020’s official cancellation.


Now that we are in the digital age, it’s easier to create alternatives to daily life during the pandemic. Schools and businesses are offering online meetings and classes, game developers are working from home and everyone is genuinely trying during these struggling times. Now, E3 is too large to have one huge online showcase, so there will be online showcases for each game developer like Microsoft, EA and Ubisoft. Or at least that’s what the current plan is, we are not entirely sure. Bethesda, a gaming company known for the Fallout series revealed that they will not hold a conference but rather share gaming news throughout the year.

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