Apex Legends – Crypto Character Guide

Crypto is one the thirteen current legends in Respawn’s Apex Legends. In this guide, we will go over Crypto, his abilities and more. He’s one of the coolest characters in my eyes when it comes to Apex Legends, and has quite a fun kit. Credit to Pro Game Guides, Macro and my experience with Crypto for these tips and tricks.

Introduction And Lore

Crypto’s title in Apex Legends is the “Surveillance Expert”. And he sure is that. He has this deadly, hacker feel to him, and his kit sure represents that! He, formerly known as Tae Joon Park, was a 31-year old blamed for crimes he didn’t commit. He had to resort to being on the run, from space police or something like that? Maybe that’s what Bangalore’s Enforcer skin is. Just space police. Anyway, he, under the alias Crypto, joined the Apex Games after destroying the arena in King’s Canyon in order to understand it. And yet not ONE person said, “Hey that Crypto guy looks kind of familiar. He kinda looks like that Park guy we’re after.” I mean, there’s even a skin with HIS REAL NAME in bright, bold blue! Anyway, he uses his technology skills to achieve victory in the arena.


Tactical: Surveillance Drone

Crypto’s Tactical is Surveillance Drone. With Surveillance Drone, Crypto can use his drone to have a full aerial view of his surroundings. This is super useful for staying in the shadows and capturing intel, however, keep in mind you’re still visible to enemies, as they can shoot your drone down. You can recall it, leave it around an area and more! Plus, it’s pretty fun having a drone to make movies, shoot cinematics and more.

Passive: Neurolink

Crypto’s Passive is Neurolink. With Neurolink, Crypto’s drone allows him to engage and get tactical information and intel about enemy positions. This can be useful to track down campers without having an obvious drone spy on you. 

Ultimate: Drone EMP

Crypto’s Ultimate is Drone EMP. With Drone EMP, Crypto can drain shields and disable traps for an ultimate attack. If an enemy squad has a fortified position with traps and defenses ready to go, Crypto can sneakily send a drone down there to launch an EMP, disabling all shield and traps, perfect for Crypto and his squad to come out and attack.

Tips And Tricks

  • Crypto works well in the Bunker location in King’s Canyon because if the Ring’s there, teammates like Wattson or Caustic can come in to lay down traps and “quarantine” enemy squads.
  • Crypto works well with ironically, Mirage, to fool and confuse enemies while Crypto unleashes the EMP and deals with the rest, leading to some chaos.
  • Crypto works best with snipers and sniper rifles to scope out enemies, thanks to Crypto’s drone. 
  • When securing an area with a security camera, make sure to keep it a pretty hidden spot. Enemies can see the drone and can shoot it down, and if that’s your main surveillance tool, you should use it wisely and keep it hidden, such as in the corner of a wall or by a canyon. Leaving it in the middle of nowhere is stupid, obvious and not helpful to your teammates.

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